Going Coastal by Andrew Nixon

Going Coastal by Andrew Nixon

Drawn from visits to the coast around his east coast home, Going Coastal is a record of my response to the ocean and the ever-changing coastal environment. 

The coast is both a destination and a point of departure, representing the potential for adventure and also for change.

While I find that the ocean can be terrifying and calming in equal measure, I strive to achieve quiet reflective images that transcend any sense of terror.  Preferring the edges of the day and early mornings especially, I will often set up my camera before the sun rises and go home after dark.  Just as the edges of the day are considered to be magic hours for photographing, I find that these edges intersect a threshold of different worlds.  I will often make many images of a single subject, returning at different times of the year and in different weathers in order to achieve a final successful image that allows me to connect with my subject.  I see it as very much akin to having a conversation and I am happy to go where that conversation leads me.  The interplay between the land and the ocean, the still and the moving, and the endless variations that result, continue to hold my attention.

Originally from a small village in Yorkshire, England, only for a short period in my life have I lived more than 60 miles from the coast, often much closer.  Home for me now is on Boston’s South Shore, a region that extends south and east from Boston, along the shore of Massachusetts Bay towards Cape Cod. While this region extends from Quincy to Plymouth, I mostly spend time around the towns of Cohassett, Scituate, Marshfield and Duxbury.  This gives me easy access to the beaches, at even the most unsociable hours. [Official Website]

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Going Coastal by Andrew Nixon


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