Filippo Rivetti Photography

Arcs, Australia
Filippo Rivetti Photography

I am a 33-year-old engineer, born in Milano, Italy. I have always enjoyed travelling, but it’s seven years ago, when I moved to Australia and was captivated by its breathtaking landscapes, that I really fell in love with photography.

My passion for taking pictures keeps on growing, as does my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, improve and create a unique style.

Over the last seven years, travelling and photography have become an intimate and integral part of my life: exploring and experiencing new places and cultures, discovering and learning different ways of life and traditions, and capturing all of this with my camera in order to share its beauty with the world. The Moon and starry skies captivate me the most, together with natural and urban landscapes. These themes mix together with travel and surf photography to create my own style. Right now, I am striving above all else to take this passion to the next level, turning my love of photography into a rewarding and challenging career that will enable me to contribute to the world around me in a meaningful way.

As a natural evolution to still photography, I’m now focusing on video and especially on time-lapse photography. I’ve realized a short video about Sydney (“Time to Sydney”,, a visual voyage from the city to the beaches and beyond through time-lapse and hyper-lapse. Four months of shooting, around 22,000 pictures, it presents Sydney in a way our eyes can only guess.

At the moment I’m finalising a project in Italy for Tourism Liguria: a video to promote this amazing Italian region around the world through the use of time-lapse and tilt-shift techniques. Soon to be released! Future projects include a time-lapse of Australia’s unique landscapes, and maybe another video about Melbourne. All of my work can be seen on my website through which I sell high quality prints and acrylics, organize photography workshops and surf photo shoots. [Official website]

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River Mist, Cambodia
Filippo Rivetti Photography




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