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Braga (Sep 15 - Oct 29) The 2017 edition will take place between 15th of September and 29th of October, and this will be a celebratory edition. Encontros da imagem - 30 years
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Having been born in 1987, the Festival Encontros da Imagem  celebrates thirty years of its founding.

The 2017 edition will take place between 15th of September and 29th of October, and this will be a celebratory edition. ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM – 30 years

Thirty years ago, the national and international photographic panorama was very restricted, with a low number of authors, especially nationals. Even though having a low number of exhibitions, the Festival’s aim was to present some classical authors, essential to the knowledge and understanding of the history of photography, and simultaneously, give acquaintance on the essential names of contemporaneity.
The Festival Encontros da Imagem gradually redefined itself in order to adapt to the aesthetic and formal developments of creative photography , which is the main focus of the event.
After twenty-six editions and 30 years, the Festival Encontros da Imagem became nowadays an almost unique reference of the photographic culture in Portugal, and has reached a prominent position in the international panorama, being currently one of the oldest and renowned photography festivals in Europe.
At a time when the image acquires an unexpected strength, which is demonstrated by its power to captivate and even to deceive, the territories of photography have increasingly gained importance and vivacity.
The Festival Encontros da Imagem has been building collaborative relationships with other festivals and institutions in order to promote, preserve and enhance the photographic culture. This is an essential task that not only works as a pedagogical attitude, but also in conquering new audiences and giving them awareness on this matter. It is also worth mentioning that the Festival has established partnerships with various public and private institutions, in particular with local governmental and educational institutions. These relationships allow the most diverse communities to raise interest for photography, particularly in schools, which represents a greater gain of audiences.
In this edition, the absence of a specific theme is intentional. This will be a celebratory edition. However, the festival will continue to develop an eclectic programme, intending to confront and reflect around the current thematic proposals of photography. The works of numerous artists, nationals and internationals, can be seen. They will be spread over several public and private spaces (historic buildings, museums, galleries and others).

Encontros da Imagem

September 15 – October 29, 2017

Antigo Edificio da Estação de Caminho de Ferro
Largo da Estação, nº40 – Salas 6 e 7
4700-223 BRAGA