Between the darkness and the light by Patryk Pulawski


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My main focus in photography is to show the beauty of landscapes and architecture without the colors. I am a self-taught photographer with basic training in Photoshop. I learn each and every single thing only by experimenting with my camera, post processing and trying different techniques.

I am just at the beginning of my journey and I’m still trying to find my look and style. However looking at images of photographers like Joel Tjintjelaar,  Julia Anna Gospodarou and other talented people I’ve felt in love with long exposure and black and white photography. I still have a lot to learn and explore but one of the most important skill I’ve have to learn is patience. I am my worst critic.

“Between the darkness and the light“ is my project of black and white images of all kind showing the beauty of places throughout the shades of black, white and gray colors. Some images are very dark to show the fight between the darkness and the brighter parts of an image filled with light that tries to free itself from the dark and present the form and shape visible to the eye.


About Patryc Pulawski

My name is Patryk and I am an amateur photographer with college diploma in Interactive Media, born 1989 in Poland, residing in Canada since 2006. I have started my journey with photography in May 2013. My photography ranges over many subjects including landscape, cityscape, nature and fine art.


Patryk_Pulawski_8 Patryk_Pulawski_16 Patryk_Pulawski_19 Patryk_Pulawski_17 Patryk_Pulawski_15 Patryk_Pulawski_14 Patryk_Pulawski_12 Patryk_Pulawski_11 Patryk_Pulawski_10 Patryk_Pulawski_9 Patryk_Pulawski_7 Patryk_Pulawski_6 Patryk_Pulawski_5 Patryk_Pulawski_4 Patryk_Pulawski_2




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