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While my first encounter with photography dates back to my childhood years, my more serious professional interest in art photography began at the end of the 70’s. At that time I used different cameras - Zenit, Praktica MTL50, Minolta, Flexaret 6/6.
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In pursuit of time
Conceptual photography / Vladimir Perfanov

I was born in 1959 in Sofia, Bulgaria. While my first encounter with photography dates back to my childhood years, my more serious professional interest in art photography began at the end of the 70’s.

At that time I used different cameras – Zenit, Praktica MTL50, Minolta, Flexaret 6/6.I started developing films and photos by myself, following the advice of my grand-father and father. The advent of digital photography lead to a global expansion in creative freedom and expression, which gave rise to new creative horizons, especially in the field of conceptual photography, to which I have special interest.

I have a Masters degree in Architecture and I worked as an architect for a long time. I consider myself as self- taught photographer. I personally view photography as a challenge, passion and freedom to express myself. My experience from the architectural profession developed in me a sense of composition and the perception of the bond between architecture and man. If I have to define what influenced and shaped me as photographer I have to start primarily with my grand-father – Vladimir Dimchev, wonderful Bulgarian painter and photographer. Hanri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Andre Kertesz, Eugene Atget, Andre Kertesz, Maurice Tabard, Erwin Blumenfeld, Jindrich Styrsky, Bill Brandt, Raoul Hausmann, Andre Kertesz, the movies of Luis Buñuel, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alejandro Amenábar had strong influence on me during the years.
But I am a person, for whom the names of popular figures in the world of art are not the only source of inspiration. I find extremely valuable and inspiring works of unknown authors in many of the popular photo sites such as, ,, and many others. It is amazing that by means of these Internet Communities I can communicate and exchange ideas with talented people from all over the world, which was not possible only15 years ago.

I have particular interest in urban and conceptual photography.

What is important for me is the perfection with which the photo has been taken, as well as its message. This message has to reach people’s hearts, move them and make them think. Limiting art photography only to excellent composition and interesting shot would mean poor usage of photography as art. What is needed is strong, easily perceptible concept, and message which captivates you. The form is not an objective itself, but simply means towards realizing an idea. I am not a photograph- purist, who follows a particular esthetical model. In my opinion different projects and concepts require a differential approach. Sometimes it is appropriate that the idea “speaks” in Black and white, other times – in color. One of my more popular projects was “Tales in blue” containing works in the blue color scheme.
I am attracted to abstract expression of ideas, which makes the work multilayered and unconventional, usually having more than one interpretation. In art I like authors that express open ideas that allow to everyone to give their own interpretation, and come up with their own ending. As Paulo Coelho for instance.
Currently I work on two projects which are thematically different, but only at first glance. Since in the world of art things are interlinked and are always interrelated in some bizarre way.
One of the projects, called „City”, investigates the contemporary alienation between man and the big city. The other -“Tales for dreamers” is more allegorical, fairy, mystical.

Lady Darkmather and childmirrored world_02Morning shadows go to work copynight birdpieces of lightPrometheus_01Run to the lightSixth feelingSplit-personalitythe alchimistThe creationthe dance of the souLSONY DSCThe last spectaclethe long wayVibration of mindwords, words, words... copyBroken-memorycity eyesDeep-inside dreamerFree mefreebornhomo faberIcarusjawsSONY DSCKeepWalkingauraautumn_


  • Janssens serge

    Mar 7, 2014 at 01:53

    Vladimir est certainement un photographe ,qui viens de réalisé un travail ou il s’est investi totalement . Les moyens artistiques ,techniques il les connais sur le bouts des doigts ,en visionnants ses images j’ai passé un moment des plus agréable et je tiens à le félicité pour son talent et la joie que j’ai ressenti ,merci Vladimir ! Serge Janssens

  • Janssens serge

    May 30, 2016 at 18:01

    Je croit que l’analyse précédente que j’avais effectuer ,était en dessous de la réalité . Ce que Vladimir est vraiment de très haut niveau . Bravo

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