Arunima Mondal : Behind the wall – A sweet home for trafficked girl child

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Today, when our country, is becoming more powerful, desirable, economical balanced place in world,  the position of a women has remained the same, actually it has become worse.

From the time of Vedas to modern times, women have suffered brutally in the form of discrimination, oppression, exploitation, degradation, aggression, humiliation. Another brutal issue which is prevalent in society is women and child trafficking.

In this increasingly interconnected world, children are more at risk than ever of being sexually exploited or sold. United Nations independent experts have warned today, calling for decisive steps at the global level to stop crimes such as child prostitution and trafficking. The main reason for child trafficking is child prostitution and child pornography and most vulnerable situation is obviously woman child.

In West Bengal very few organizations have worked for this trafficking issue. Some of them are government sponsored and some are NGO’s.I remember one such organization,a  home named ‘Anubhab’ which works in child trafficking issues. When I visited there, I met lot of girls who were sexually abused previously. Some of them were even sold by their parents forcefully or intentionally.

They search their happiness inside the wall Arunima Mondal

Every day a new child comes to this home. I met Rani who came here at the age of 3. She was trafficked by her parents. Another girl Nimi also spent  10 years of her life here. She was trafficked by her husband. Here I found girls from age group 3 to 20 years. I found that this home is a haven for those homeless girls. They found their happiness and sadness inside this wall. They have no complains against anything. They think if they are inside the wall they are safe, outside world is not their cup of tea. They see a new child come to this home every day, a new case, new violence but try to  make their better world inside this wall. They think they have found their companion inside the home even if it is a girl child home. I found several homosexual relations between them.

About Arunima Mondal

I am a 25 years old documentary photographer based in Kolkata. I started photography in 2011 when I was in my graduation. Initially I started experimenting on it. Later,after attending a workshop on documentary photography, I permanently shifted to the documentary photography. By the time I started working with a nonprofit organization,  my focus shifted to the social issues and violence.

Arunima_Mondal4 Arunima Mondal

3 days older to 10 years older all are same here Arunima Mondal

Love, affection, affairs all are here Arunima Mondal Nimi spend her 10 years here Arunima Mondal They found their partner inside the wall Arunima Mondal They all are in education system We are together They search their happiness inside the wall Rani came here at the age of 3 and she was trafficked by her father 3 days older to 10 years older all are same here Arunima_Mondal4

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