Architecture : Mihai Florea


I consider myself a minimalist architectural and photographer with a desire to create abstract images from the reality surrounding me. I would like to believe that my images are pushing beyond the expected and that they offer a different way of looking at the built environment, especially the contemporary one.

I place an emphasis on composition, balance and lighting, which, in my opinion are the three most important aspects of the
architectural photography. The forth one is.. imagination. I also like to use long exposure techniques to allow the flow of nature to be visible in my images and to create a sense of depth, a third dimension in a two dimensional format. [Official Website]

MihaiFlorea8 MihaiFlorea1 MihaiFlorea2 MihaiFlorea3 MihaiFlorea4 MihaiFlorea5 MihaiFlorea6 MihaiFlorea7 MihaiFlorea10 MihaiFlorea11 MihaiFlorea12 MihaiFlorea13 MihaiFlorea14 MihaiFlorea15 MihaiFlorea16 MihaiFlorea17 MihaiFlorea19 MihaiFlorea20




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