Aleksandra Lekovic : Between the lines

“Between the lines” is a collection making a connection between geometrical forms, i.e. lines, to people as parts of the scene.

All photos have been taken in urban area with the dominating atmosphere of alienation which explains why people are either alone or unconscious of others. Lines and other shapes they are connected with are all related and represent their living area and borders with others and themselves.

Photos depict human insignificance in the vast space. Through play of lines, space and texture as well as with the relation of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, I wanted to show how much we are limited by our everyday routine – we are mostly limited by invisible lines.  Our lives seem to be neatly organized like tiles, symbolizing boredom and monotony.

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It is the boredom, this series of repetitions of the same shape and surface that show the pressure of the modern age upon the individual. We are talking about loneliness and alienation, but also the possibilities of getting out of this situation through life optimism.


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