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In this work, I've been inspired by my personal experience that some fragmentary memories are recalled irrelevantly, indeed it happens to all of us.
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In this work, I’ve been inspired by my personal experience that some fragmentary memories are recalled irrelevantly, indeed it happens to all of us.

These memories having utterly different contexts in time and space respond to each other as fragmental images in light and then they are about to connect with one light after another. It seemed that dim light came up gradually from the darkness and then became brighter with changing, appearing or disappearing to my consciousness. While “past and there” which have been reconstructed and modified to suit “now and here ” remain and flicker, I recognize that my consciousness is composed of layers of memory. In order to visualize this dynamic process about evocation, I shot my Mac display monitor which is randomly projecting the photographs taken by myself, as gathering of memories, by a function of slideshow. At first, I inputted a large number of images in past shooting onto slideshow and then set in it to display these randomly with modifying the setup. Once I finished setting up, incoherent images came and went at random on the monitor. It was quite interesting that I thought this function resembled how to recall my personal memories. Not only through re-photographing incoherent images overlapped on a monitor, but also making use of the specific character of photography which is “save the memories” as a metaphor, I have tried to trace memory as universal experience : how our consciousness are reconstructed by the past images. My aim of this work is to reconsider the connection between the “past” memory and the phase of “now”.

About Momoi Atsushi

Atsushi Momoi was born in Osaka, JAPAN, in 1979. After studying sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University, he went to the London College of Printing (currently the London College of Communication) to study photography. His main theme of photography is to depict the relationship between inner and outer self – in other words, to visualize the fluctuating connection between his subjectivity based on layers of memory and the world itself as a recognition object. By intending to show the various layers of the world which appear when grasping the materials as it is mingles with his own memory, he pursues a new sense of value to update people’s perspectives. He currently lives and creates in Tokyo, JAPAN. [Official Website]

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