A Dozen Twilight – Across Oceans By Abhijit Bose

A Dozen Twilight – Across Oceans | Abhijit Bose

While traveling to different countries for last 10 years, I was lucky to be present in a few occasions when nature took the lead and played with colors.

In fact, after witnessing the first twilight while traveling from Kathmandu to Sonouli, a border town of Nepal, I got bewildered.

As the time passed by, twilights or “The Golden Hour” as it is fondly called, attracted me like a magnet and wherever I go, I pray that I should get to see The God’s Easel(as I say) to   witness, absorb and capture it to my heart’s content. In the same trip, I experienced more such twilights at different altitude giving it a visual treat. In Inverness, the lenticular twilight gave me a heady feeling and in Mauritius, standing on a knee deep water, I was mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of the golden hour. After a day’s work, Kolkata, my hometown, presented me a fantastic evening with its colors spread across the bank of the Ganges. During my stay for a year or so in Tanzania, I could capture the last dhow on a twilight in Dar-es Salaam. It happened like a diamond glimpse! On a shivering winter, in Germany, a twilight is more unexpected and that too with colors, but it happened! In Seychelles the God listened to my prayers and in Cairo it was unexpected completely. In this series, I included twilights of Nepal, India, Egypt, UK, Germany, Tanzania, Switzerland, Mauritius and Seychelles to offer you a visual treat which I feel a must to be shared!

Inverness in Twilight

About Abhijit Bose

Abhijit is based in Mumbai, India. His journey in photography started in 1978 with a 120mm point and shoot camera. He is well travelled across Europe, Asia and Africa. He specializes in Landscape, Fine Art and Travel Photography. More than 500 photographs Accepted/ Awarded in International Salons in 50 countries (100+ Original Images). Publications include NatGeo, Lonely Planet India,The Statesman Tabloid (London), Dodho Magazine, Bombay Times etc.

Calcutta Chromosome
Life in Color
Cairo in Twilight
Evening Glow
Unusual Twilight
The Torch of God
Lucerne in Twilight
Call of the Valley
Winter Twilight
Last Dhow


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