5 Talented French Photographers

The Best french Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Cyrille Druart, Jean Bastien Lagrange, Laurent Baheux, Arnaud Bertrande and Floriane De Lassée.

Cyrille Druart ; The world as I see it
Cyrille Druart / French Photographers
Cyrille Druart / French Photographers

I record Life. The world as I see it. My aim is not to show things as they are. I want to modify them, extract them from reality to give them a new dimension in relation to real life, or completely offset. I’m not looking for folklore, but for a kind of underlying truth. I try to create single images, independent of each other.I’m often told that my training as an architect is reflected in my photographs. I like to show the human being surrounded and confronted to what he built. Lost in an immensity or surrounded by material. In any case I seek the trace of a passage, of a story. It is very interesting to look for these signs in a city. Even if seen as cold and impersonal, it carries the traces of human choices. Nothing is left to chance, everything is the result of a planned and thoughtful collective work. And when the space is left blank, it is still a choice. More……

Above all, I craved to seize the whole essence, in the confines of one single photograph, of some situation that was in the process of unrolling itself before my eyes.

Henri  Cartier-Bresson (French Photographer)

Africa by Laurent Baheux
Laurent Baheux / French Photographers
Laurent Baheux / French Photographers

Laurent Baheux (born 1970) is a French photographer known for high contrast black and white photographs of nature and wildlife. Baheux’s work about Africa and wildlife is featured in art photography galleries worldwide and in awareness campaigns for conservation and environmental organizations including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), GoodPlanet Foundation, and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). More….

Histoire d’Ô by Arnaud Bertrande
Secure path
Arnaud Bertrande / French Photographers

I recently started a job “Histoire d’Ô”, which presents a series of long exposures taken around the theme of water.
Discovering the long exposure, I found the opportunity to work abstraction, loss of marks. A part of me can express itself through this technique, everything which concerned in escape, purity, dream trip. This work on white, on white light represents for me an opening on the poetry, a passage to somewhere else exotic, softer, smoother, more peaceful. More….

Half the sky Serie by Floriane de Lassée
Floriane De Lassée / French Photographers
Floriane De Lassée / French Photographers

In her photographic work, Floriane highlights women who carry the World. In a environment sometimes harsh, this serie put forward women who give a new dimension and humanity to space. Between tradition and modernity, in megacities or more remote areas where the photographer has been between 2010 and 2013, each of these individuals work to get out of themselves, sometimes in a perceptibly solitude. The “Half the Sky” series has been supported by the Mécénat de L’Oréal.   More….

Jean Bastien Lagrange : Sous la Lampe
Jean Bastien Lagrange / French Photographers
Jean Bastien Lagrange / French Photographers

Jean Bastien Lagrange is a Paris based photographer with a serious sense of place and style. A combination of attentiveness and curiosity culminated in his keen eye for creating and capturing his signature photographic situations. His point of departure is characteristically ambiguous often with a dichotomous perspective, highlighting both the absurd and the serious simultaneously. The purpose of Lagrange’s ongoing series ‘Sous la Lampe’ is an investigation. An intimate investigation that goes well beyond the form or face of the subject, it aims to glean a glance into the persona and emotive conditioning of the individual. The philosophy contained in the work is to illustrate a collector’s obsession with an object, it is the near criminal urge of these collectors to practice their acquisition which comes under the spotlight in these images. More…..


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