Half the sky Serie by Floriane de Lassée

Floriane de Lassée -In her photographic work, Floriane highlights women who carry the World. In a environment sometimes harsh, this serie put forward women who give a new dimension and humanity to space.

Between tradition and modernity, in megacities or more remote areas where the photographer has been between 2010 and 2013, each of these individuals work to get out of themselves, sometimes in a perceptibly solitude. The “Half the Sky” series has been supported by the Mécénat de L’Oréal.

 Floriane de Lassée

  Floriane de Lassée     Floriane de Lassée 16_ngoma champs, Rwanda 15_gersegio, Ethiopie 13_ngoma, Rwanda 12_reflets outjo, namibie les Intouchables2013 10_roof 1 benares bis_3-1

18_couple madurano2_contrast

2_demolition Istanbul 6655 b copy_LPH 4_hanami-tokyo3 5_poubelle-150x112 6_shoprite, namibie filles haut = dest, + sombre 8_citerne jaune 112x150_LPH

Ciels de Seine


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