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They say that the Great Flood is threatening; is it possible that we know something about things that already happened?
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 Mitar Terzic

They say that the Great Flood is threatening; is it possible that we know something about  things that already happened? Is the imagination, or even an artistic work, really a creative process or a vague reproduction of dates stored in our subconscious? Does everyone of us bears the coded information of things that once happened and could occur again?

In Tales of Lemuria, the author makes a parallel between the event which apparently took place long time ago and what is going on now on the planet. Lemurians lived in the other age, were highly spiritual, non-material but yet sophisticated. They were  different, had a different culture from ours but the destiny of both civilizations could be the same.

About Mitar Terzic

For me photography is a question of imagination. A way to materialised stories from my mind and  to create images of alternate realities.The camera lens is an eye through which the mind decides the direction of the creator’s expression. Through the  photography  i am trying to make  my  dreams believable. My work attempts to evoke these expressions through the complex creation of the props needed in the process, incuding masks and attires.

Even the most common objects are made to be different and mysterious . Through my use of black and white photography I try to leave more room for the observer’s imagination.

Working  with analog  cameras,also  influence   the  ¨slow -photography  process where the  click of the  shutter is the only the  last step. In my  recent work i am dealing with things related to DNA memory or implicit memory..the  information in our  brain which is legacy of  our ancestors .Is  the  imagination  or   even  artistic  work, realy a  creative  proces  or a vague  reproduction  of the  fragments  stored in  our  subconscious? [Official website]
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