Photography of Michael Massaia

1-seeing the black dog-New Jersey Turnpike-2011
Michael Massaia

Michael specializes in large format black and white film photography

Michael Massaia is a fine art Photographer and Printmaker who has spent the past decade documenting New Jersey life and landscape.  Michael specializes in large format black and white film photography, and large format hand made printing processes, such as Platinum printing.

All of his images are true “one shot” scenes (his images are never composited from multiple exposures).  Michael works alone and is the sole craftsman from the moment the negative is exposed to the moment the final print is made.  Finding the “special” in the ordinary is the constant in all of his work.

Michael’s most recent project – “Seeing The Black Dog” is a term that truck drivers use to describe hallucinations that are experienced on the road as a result of long periods of sleep deprivation.  When the hallucinatory black dogs are appear on the highway the trucker knows to pull over and rest.  The instant this decision is made is the when I creep out of the shadows with my view camera and capture the moment the dogs melt away.  This work will be on display May 3rd – May 28th at J.Cacciola Gallery in New York City  – [Official Website]

2-Seeing The Black Dog-New Jersey Turnpike-20113-Seeing The Black Dog-New Jersey Turnpike-20124_In The Final Throes-NJ-Somers Place-20115_In The Final Throes-NJ-House38-20116_In The Final Throes-NJ-White Picket Fence 20117_Afterlife-Moby_Dick&Swing_Ride8_Afterlife-The_Music_Express



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  • Michael tu viens de réalisé la un album ,que personnellement j’adore ,original ,techniquement irréprochable et visuellement admirable . Michael , mes félicitations ,on reparlera certainement très vite de toi ! Serge Janssens

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