Innocence by Claudio Allia


I love to feed my mind and my soul with audio/visual emotions and synesthetic perceptions and my favourite aspiration is to be able to solicit the viewer in my photographs through a personal imaginative and/or meditative journey, which may reveal sometimes the sad awareness of our innumerable weaknesses and imperfections.

I experiment a mental and emotional involvement that sometimes ends up revealing within a few hours or even after months of research; that’s why my approach with photographic works, can provide various levels of interpretation and transfiguration, levels of expression and communication which in my views may evolve through the use of simple symbolisms up to a complex plot of metaphors and surreal paroxysms. As well sometimes the surrounding reality is capturing me in a simple but intriguing way. I love to imagine myself as a tipsy tightrope walker, who staggering travels on the thin line which separates the real from surreal.” [Official Website]


Since a long time tried to imagine how to create a series of images expressing in a provocative way the childhood’s innocence in contrapposition with life brutality inspired by the lovely passage from Arthur Schopenauer

“…there are times when children might seem like innocent prisoners , condemned, not to death, but to life and as yet all unconscious of what their sentence means…”

One day this dream became real thanks to a new friend of mine working as mining engineer in one of the biggest basalt’s caves here in Sicily. I scheduled a day time in the main large area in front of the basalt wall to shoot some children and the “dust cleaner” of the final shot as in my original idea had to be the foregrounds of the photos and after a couple of weeks I came back to the cave at the same day time to capture in a sequence of images the wall explosion and collapsing After that I worked on the photomontage of the two steps of my project.






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