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After a life in photography, in 2009 he created his publishing house to publish his own projects.
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After a life in photography, in 2009 he created his publishing house to publish his own projects.

Enric books generate a universe of images that give life and its forms other senses, outside the ordinary. They have an appearance and proportions that are closer to the books of poems as photography books. These are books full of research, in which each image could be the prelude to a story, a tale or a fable.

“El viaje vertical”, “El eco de las cosas” and “El domador sueños” have been finalists in the Photoespaña Festival in the “Prize to the best book of the year”. His latest book “20 ways to disappear” has been exposed in the “Encontros da Imagen” to the Portugal and the Institute of Photography in Tokyo in 2014. All its editions are part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Art National Reina Sofia (MNCARS) in Madrid and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA).

Throughout my life I have always accompanied by a sense of astonishment at the world around me. Not understand how things work and see that, in spite of this, the world follows its course, leave me perplexed. Most of my works are the result of that state of surprise and restlessness. Enigmatic and elusive images arise from to inhabite a complicated and incomprehensible world.

Luckily the literature always has gone in my help and has allowed me to live in parallel worlds, sometimes more real and comfortable than reality itself, because we are who build these different realities with our perception. In “Captaciones” human presences are like characters of S. Beckett, who move between dark industrial environments and the enchanted forests that they seem to come out of a E.A Poe’s or Lewis Carroll’s tales. This project is a fit, a desperate and youthful song to darkness, to the hell we live every day. [Official Website][Enric Books]


Enric Montes’ images incorporate an antidote against forgetting. It provides us with images filled with a resounding delicacy, that reveals us with generosity what could had been unnoticed to us, and, that from now, perhaps, we can recognize again. His books are the room where lives, without grievance, the brightness, the duration and certain places of the memory.

C. Roig


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