Der Prozess by Victoria Art

Photoshooting  “Der Prozess” visual embodiment of having a literary foundation under. Namely, the eponymous unfinished novel by Franz Kafka, which is having enormous suggestive influence, powerfully engaging the reader in the mundane and incredible world, awakening in him a state of confusion, anxiety and confusion.

Style shooting is sustained in muted colors of clothing that is both as studio light consisting of two soft boxes – emphasizes the drama of the image. The two studio locations separated by a black curtain that on a plan contributes to a sense of the existence of an intermediate character. Like the protagonist of Kafka it is immersed in himself and his experiences are not interested in the outside world, but constantly feeling their own guilt before him. How are naked among dressed. [Official Website]

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  • Un grand suivi dans la démarche photographique de Victoria ,techniquement c’est impeccable et artistique vraisemblable …

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