B&WCityEuropeThese days by Angelo Cirrincione

An experimental project born from the desire to make the portraits on the street, but without interacting with the subject and transform their physical characteristics , with the technique of panning .
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S0252079 copia Angelo Cirrincione

Angelo Cirrincione – An experimental project born from the desire to make the portraits on the street, but without interacting with the subject and transform their physical characteristics , with the technique of panning . The result is strange and almost hypnotic and allowed me to enter into the thought of them .

I am a freelance photographer Italy Sicily based, i started to photograph 7 years ago. For 15 year i was a Graphic than i decided to approach to my first love, the photography. So i decided to open a studio “milkstudio.eu” for commercial works. I define myself a street photographer, I love freezing spontaneous moments, observing and studying the changes of places, customs and behavior through pictures. The anthropological background that one feels in street photographs is something irresistible because it summarizes in a hundredth of a second what we are or we were. Often what inspires a photographer is purely instinctive, other times it is caused by icons such as the great masters that everyone studied, other times it is a mixture of all this.

Be at the mercy of all this is gorgeous and i realized that photography is also a great form of maturation, so I feel life and I try to summarize it in that rectangle according to the rules of photography and sometimes by ignoring them because i could lose the essence of that fraction of that second. Even more amazing is when elements in the shot are in an extraordinary and impossible balance that eliminates the vision of the rectangle itself by erasing geometric boundaries and making you an actor of that history. I love the ironic side of life and I try to find this in my photography. Oddities, curiosities, changes, we are this. with photography we have in our hands the tool to denounce but also to rediscover what we’re losing and what we have lost. [Official Website]
S0259067 copia Angelo Cirrincione

S0089133 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0109143 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0180055 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0290283 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0321100 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0330094 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0331102 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0350101 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0400317 copia Angelo Cirrincione S0420324 copia S0479295 copia S0621196 copia

S0690187 copia

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S0888608 copia

S0889452 copia S0890253 copia S0030009 copia

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