Yucel Basoglu : Fine Art

Yucel Basoglu : Fine Art

I Yucel Basoglu from Istanbul / Turkey .. I’m interested in photography since childhood time. We can say that 30 years. I took my first photo with an analog Minolta that my father gave me.

I used to look at the photos I took for long hours. I like the emotion of the moment when I take a phot, sometimes gloomy, sometimes cheerful… I can never give up on this feeling.

Even though I was interested in photography since my childhood, I started to improve my techniques with nature photography at my 20s. Back then long exposure and black and white photography was not very popular in my country. For long time I couldn’t evaluate my photos, they were only published at some foreign magazines. So I wasn’t able to do it professionally. I still continue shooting as a semiprofessional photographer.
I think black and white photography is the best technique that shows you the purity in human and in nature. On a colour photo of a smiling person for example, you only see the smile. But on a black and white photo you see the reality behind that smile. It’s the same with nature, you see the power of nature on a black and white photo. I see a divine light in black and white photography.

Digital age!!! It has very good and very bad sides. Now everyone who gets a camera, becomes a photographer. Even the very good pictures gets lost in 5-10 min.s on social media. Yet we should still support the young generations for this art is going to carry today into tomorrow. In time many things disappear, for that we should continue photographing every moment. [Official Website]

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  • Un ensemble d’images de grandes qualités ,composition,cadrage, tirages .Mais surtout la représentation de quiétude merveilleusement mais rendue . Bravo

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