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Ty Poland is a 21 year old photographer and a graduate of Monmouth University with a Bachelors in art and concentration in photography. After three years in the major, Ty’s style began to develop into a sense of what the eye can’t see.
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Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

Ty Poland is a 21 year old photographer and a graduate of Monmouth University with a Bachelors in art and concentration in photography.

After three years in the major, Ty’s style began to develop into a sense of what the eye can’t see. Focusing on long exposure and aerial photography, he is able to create uncommon landscapes that we can admire. A lot of his work focuses on movement of things that we typically don’t pay attention to, whether its water, clouds, stars or even specific light.

Most of his images capture a sense of loneliness in an environment. His aerial photography also creates a sense of size and perspective, giving us more of an appreciation of the world we live in.

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

As a kid, Ty was always into video and creating things that meant something to him, things that sort of captured a moment that couldn’t be recreated. He got his first camera in 7th grade and began filming video with it. By the time he got to high school, he got himself a new camera that would last him the next couple of years and slowly got more into using it for photos instead of video. At the end of high school, he realized it was time to get a camera that he could control a little more and purchased his first DSLR.
In 2012, Ty began college at Monmouth University in Long Branch New Jersey and went in as an undecided major. His sophomore year he decided to actually do something with photography and chose to major in that. After taking all of the basic art classes, paining, drawing and so on, he was finally able to take the courses he wanted. Starting in digital 1, moving to black and white, to lighting techniques, he was able to learn a lot about photography. He learned about film cameras, digital cameras, the Adobe Suite, mainly Photoshop and Lightroom but also learned much much more. At this point, the opportunities were endless and he began to create whatever he wanted.

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

By the time senior year rolled around, Ty finally made the decision to upgrade his gear and take things a little more serious. He bought himself a Nikon D610, upgraded to the D750 keeping the 610 as a backup and bought a bunch of lenses as well. On top of that, Ty purchased himself a drone in which he could use to take photos and video from a completely different perspective. He saw the opportunity photography had to offer and wanted to make the most of it. After working for wedding photographer Tom Harmon and seeing how to manage a business, this became one of Ty’s career choices.

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

In early 2016, Ty and his former roommate Vin DeMilio came together and decided it was time to pursue something they both love. They talked for several weeks and while still in school, came to the conclusion they were going to start their own business doing photography and videography. They wanted to create something unique, different than what the other “photographers/videographers” were doing. Their goal was to be different in a way that stood out, and not just in a visual way.
Ty and Vin, the founders of Simply Visual Productions, are now on their way to growing a business and creating content that speaks for itself. They look to travel the country, even the world in hopes of meeting new people and working with them to grow their own businesses. They realize they have started this during a great time as technology is begins to advance so much more. With plenty of competition, new gear coming out every day in this modern, fast paced world, Ty and Vin are ready to take advantage of the time they are in and help revolutionize the art of photography and videography. [Official Website]

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

Ty_Poland_Kaaterskill_Waterfall Ty_Poland_NYC_Freedom_Tower Ty_Poland_Pine_Barrens Ty_Poland_Pipeline Ty_Poland_Random_Rocks Ty_Poland_Resivoir Ty_Poland_Rock_Pattern Ty_Poland_Rock_Pile Ty_Poland_Rock_Tail Ty_Poland_Rocky_Water Ty_Poland_Water_Construction Ty_Poland_Beach_Buildings

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

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