ConceptEuropeThrough the noise by Daria Amaranth

"Through the noise: voices, shades, reflections" is my new series of conceptual and fine art photographs which can be viewed separately but they are also parts of the whole story.
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“Through the noise: voices, shades, reflections” is my new series of conceptual and fine art photographs which can be viewed separately but they are also parts of the whole story.

I prefer not to explain the meanings of my works for several reasons. First of all it is important to me to convey the sense of unfathomable mystery with a focus on emotional sphere, which appeals to the viewer’s senses.

Also I am convinced that it is necessary to speak without additional words and not to try to explain everything that can be felt while getting acquainted with any kind of art. I really like to talk about my works from the point of view of one of the possible interpretations, that’s how I will try to talk about it now.

This series, like many others, is focused on feelings and emotions, veiled by symbols which may seem to be different, but in the end each of them lead to only one thing and meaning. I would like to draw attention to some “clues” or key points that may be useful if you would like to analyze this series (Here again I would like to add that the most important thing for me is the emotional and sensual aspect. I think that the analytical point of view in this case, as a rule, is secondary one, but it has its own significance).

Through the noise by Daria Amaranth

Through the noise | Daria Amaranth
Through the noise | Daria Amaranth

Muted colors allow you to immerse yourself into the labyrinths of the inner experiences of the main heroines – here is the first clue: why are there two central characters? Despite the fact that there are two main characters, you observe the development of the story unfolding before your eyes not only from the point of view of each of them (in other words, from two possible sides), but also from a detached, separate point of view, but also filled with feelings. Here is another question for you: who is the visible (but it is visible only to your eyes) assistant in this additional interpretation? Like in a theatrical performance or in a play you can observe the existence of acts or so-called scenes in the story I created, each of them is very important. Each of the heroines becomes temporarily a mirror-reflection of the other one, at some moment it becomes difficult to distinguish who is who, emotions intertwine and conduct their own internal dialogue, so here is another question: does the location of the agama matter?

Each picture can be the beginning of a separate act of an imaginary play, it can also be the final episode of the following one: here the chronological sequence has some importance only in a conditional way, since each piece of this story wavers towards another one and they form a common pattern – that is why the mainest aspects are not time and space as they are, but something that happens inside of them and, at the same time, regardless of them. Nevertheless, the time takes special significance at the moment when the story is becoming more contoured, when the fog dissipates and not only the nearest branches of trees become visible, but also the outlines of houses, clouds, raindrops, when music can be heard even in the silence or inside the noise.

As I have written a little earlier, each photograph in this series is a separate story, but as a whole they represent a complete scene, consisting of important and significant fragments-episodes. For me, this combination of cinematography, theater and painting (from a photographic point of view as the imprint of imaginary stories and plots) is the most important and meaningful thing.

Through the noise | Daria Amaranth
Through the noise | Daria Amaranth

Daria-Amaranth1-(4) Daria-Amaranth1-(5) Daria-Amaranth1-(6) Daria-Amaranth1-(7) Daria-Amaranth1-(8) Daria-Amaranth1-(9) Daria-Amaranth1-(10) Daria-Amaranth1-(11) Daria-Amaranth1-(12) Daria-Amaranth1-(13) Daria-Amaranth1-(14) Daria-Amaranth1-(15)

Through the noise | Daria Amaranth
Through the noise | Daria Amaranth

Through the noise | Daria Amaranth
Through the noise | Daria Amaranth

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