The residents of the disaster zone by Mlyov

It was the 7th of December 1988 when the earthquake shoot Armenia . Gyumri and the other countries of region Shirak turned into ruins . It took 25 thousand lives . 27 years had already past but people who suffered from the disaster still live in lodges and still unemployed .

I am Levon manukyan and I am a photographer . I decided to visit Gyumri and some villages near it to see the victims of that disaster . The way was long . The train was full of people who were going home from the capital . Some of them went for shopping and some guested at their relatives .
On the way I have been in the villages Shirakavan and Bayandur but as this villages are on the border with Turkey I couldn’t manage to take a lot of photos . Although this villages are uninhabited as after disaster There are nowhere to work and people have to go abroad to work and earn money in order to survive .

The population of Gyumri reduced in 10 times consisting is about 30.000 people .

“Dog eaters building” . In this way was called the building . The photo in which is destroyed building after the earthquake it was inhabited with robbers who were eating dos as ther were nothing to eat. I was told about all by the painter who lived near the building in the lodge . He came from the poland before the earthquake and couldn`t return back as the Sovet Union didn`t let him . In the end of my trip I had been in Arapi village near Gyumri . I visited large family consisting of 8 members . They all are victims of the earthquake .

Bayandur village

Gyumri children Gyumri dog eater building1 Gyumri Dog eaters building Gyumri hairdresser's Gyumri lodges Gyumri magazine Gyumri street Gyumri the painter Gyumri Woman living in lodge

Gyumri Woman living in lodge1

Sheeps Shirakavan children 1 SHirakavan Train near Shirakavan Train passanger Train passanger 1

Train passanger s

Train passanger s1

Arapi village inhabitant



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