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When he discovered Rosalie in the middle of an elderberry bush near the French town of Cognac, something moved very deeply in the photographer's soul of Dieter Klein. 
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When he discovered Rosalie in the middle of an elderberry bush near the French town of Cognac, something moved very deeply in the photographer’s soul of Dieter Klein. 

The fairytale-like scenery of an 80-year-old Citroën lying in Sleeping Beauty’s Sleep awakened in him a passion that has found expression to this day in three fascinating volumes of photographs about the beauty of automobile decay. And now these pioneers of mobility stood strangely still and motionless. “A strange mood and strange touch gripped me noticeably. I forgot space and time and took pictures without interruption. One picture came up and the next one was already waiting. Many of these places have already been cleared – lost forever in the invisible. In my pictures I not only let the automobiles live beyond their time, but also show the scenes of sinking into time. I enter a world that is both broken and fragile at the same time. To be able to photograph these little, short eternities is a gift to me. [Official Website]

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