The edges of the world by William Guilmain

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This series is the fruit of my long loneliness roaming in the fields and forests during winter time. I began this trip in order to empty my head of all the useless and deleterious so called emergencies that spoil our lives.

I just wanted to lose myself in order to find myself. I just wanted to forget the pain and the death.  Walking alone in this silent and cold nature progressively changed me. I felt alone, sometimes exhausted. But on the other hand I barely felt so peaceful. The beauty, serenity, silence and loneliness around made me feel like the last human being in the world.  I experienced a kind of mystic harmony with the woods, the snow and the sky around me. Behind each mountain and wood I was wondering if I could find a new world. Sometimes far away I saw evasive human’s silhouette like souls in the light… I stopped to belong to this collapsing World to reach another World. I was in translation. I realized that I was not traveling just in a landscape but that I was traveling in my own soul in order to find my true identity, my true Nature. In this kind of travel you are alone. The others are just far witnesses and cannot help. In this kind of travel you experience the infinity, fears and darkness of your mind. In this kind of travel you aim to reach the edges of the world. [Official Website]

The edges of the world / William Guilmain

Beyond, the vast plains,

Through the evading forests.

To pass the Styx. Soul’s corridor. 

Beyond, the other lifes.

Maybe we will see each other again,

At the edges of the world. 

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The edges of the world / William Guilmain
The edges of the world / William Guilmain
The edges of the world / William Guilmain
The edges of the world / William Guilmain



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