Surreal Architecture by Matthias Jung

Land of evening | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Land of evening | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung

The digital possibilities in the realm of image processing have led many to be artistically impressed with Photoshop.

Matthias Jung doesn’t want that. For him the computer program is only a tool. It should not determine the content.

He is is amazed at how architectural details can evoke certain associations and feelings. This is how a latticed window conveys coziness; one might even say it is soulful. Framework is soothing, sometimes touching. Antennas have something sinister about them. They point to something outside the picture. Concrete is cold and foreign – but maybe interesting for just that reason.

Western outpost | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Western outpost | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung

The series “Houses” were initiated in January 2015. Many photos were taken during trips in northeastern Germany. A few collages contain images of other photographers. This is always indicated. He loves having elements that cause many different associations to collide with one another. He was especially pleased when he was able to use his grandmother‘s old tea warmer in the photo „Expedition to the East Pole“.

Why are collages so fascinating for Matthias Jung? He says: “It‘s nothing short of amazing that we‘re able to create a coherent world from the confusing ar- ray of sensations and memories. There‘s an artist at work in us, assembling snippets of reality into intricate collages we then call the world. Working with collages gives me the chance to consciously follow this process. I take pieces of reality, combine them and watch as my inner self tries to make meaning- ful connections. In doing so, I always need to put myself in a state of „lucid dreaming“. Collage is a technique that very closely approximates our everyday construction of reality“.

In order for his work to function properly, he also has to consider design rules. Thus, the relationship between order/disorder and homogeneity/diversity must agree. A building has to rst be stable and credible before he can add some “disorder”, to let it y for example. One such disorder refers to another, only hinting at reality. Matthias Jung weaves, so to speak, spiritual realities into everyday things. [Official Website]

Matthias Jung is a graphic designer and artist and lives together with his wife and his little son near Stuttgart. 

Malokoff | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Malokoff | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Zonenrandgebiet | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung

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Unsere Reise zum Ornithologenkongress | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Unsere Reise zum Ornithologenkongress | Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
Uroboros| Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung
You promised me a gingerbread heart| Surreal Architecture | Matthias Jung


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