Ronny Behnert Photography

Sheikh Zayed Road - Study 10 l Dubai 2011

Ronny Behnert was born in Luckenwalde, a small city in the south of Berlin, Germany. Since 1989 he lives and works in Berlin but during this time he had his second home in Frankfurt am Main and on the island of Sylt too, where he spent two years.

He has been actively working on photography since January 2007. The award winning photographer founded in 2010 his project “Håggard Photography” and works for various newspapers and magazines but while continuously developing his skills and knowledge, Ronny never wants to give up his amateur spirit. To find himself back in his artworks he tries to spend as much time as it`s possible to explore the world. His recent series and photos from Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Sweden and Venice have already been published in prestigious photo magazines. At the moment Ronny is working on a new series called „Dark Cities“ which shows minimal but gigantic longtime exposed architecture in black and white. [Official Website]

One day in November l Berlin 2013

Metro l Copenhagen 2012 San Giorgio Maggiore - Study 4 l Venice 2012 San Giorgio Maggiore - Study 2 l Venice 2012 Kapellbrücke l Lucerne 2013 Jesuitenkirche l Lucerne 2013 Großmünster l Zurich 2013 February Fog l Sylt 2010 White Carpet l Sweden 2012 Tram Traffic l Zurich 2013 The Queen l Frankfurt am Main 2013 Sølscape l Sylt 2010 Disconnected l Berlin 2013 Cyclone over Mauritius l Le Morne 2013 Bonnie & Clyde l Frankfurt am Main 2013 Black Ivory l Frankfurt am Main 2013

A message from the past l Berlin 2013



Birds of pollution by Carmen Sayago

We live in a highly industrialized society in which we coexist daily...

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