Road Trip by Djeneba Aduayom

DjenebaA_Road Trip-11

I can’t see without my camera. I’m blind except for when I look through a lens. The world is black, I bump into walls, cross crowded streets. But when my eyes peek through refracted vision, I can see everything, capture all movement. The sway of the sun, the lilt in the light.

The camera is my beautiful twin. It allows me to freeze time, bring life close in the extreme and make a flicker of light impossible to forget.

DjenebaA_Road Trip-1 DjenebaA_Road Trip-2 DjenebaA_Road Trip-3

This project was really exciting because I had a team of people I love to work with and always makes a shoot fun and interesting. The theme was a road trip in California, but with a twist. I choose to shoot at a very popular location near Los Angeles. I wanted to portray it differently from every other images I had seen for this place and create a kind of iconic, cinematographic feel all together but still on the fashion side.

I absolutely love shooting on location and discover the possibilities one location can offer. Working with the sun is a challenge, but it can also completely transform images when the rays fall in the right places and interplay with shadows harmoniously. Taking photos feels like writing poetry to me. It has an enchanting feeling. [Official Website ]

DjenebaA_Road Trip-17 DjenebaA_Road Trip-21 DjenebaA_Road Trip-20 DjenebaA_Road Trip-19 DjenebaA_Road Trip-18 DjenebaA_Road Trip-15 DjenebaA_Road Trip-14 DjenebaA_Road Trip-12 DjenebaA_Road Trip-10 DjenebaA_Road Trip-9 DjenebaA_Road Trip-8 DjenebaA_Road Trip-7 DjenebaA_Road Trip-6 DjenebaA_Road Trip-5 DjenebaA_Road Trip-4



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