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I live and create in Slovakia. I am a self-taught (autodidact) and I seriously took up photography in 2009. I cannot impress you with a story about my grand father, who gave me the camera in hand and taught me to see the world through the perspective of lenses when I was a little girl.
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You can find me chasing dreams and catching light ….

I live and create in Slovakia. I am a self-taught (autodidact) and I seriously took up photography in 2009.

I cannot impress you with a story about my grand father, who gave me the camera in hand and taught me to see the world through  the perspective of lenses when I was a little girl. It was not so.Rather, it was an accidental venture. . I am trying not to get drowned in the deluge of information from in numerous sources about photography, but am trying to learn and I will continue to do so! I select and choose from them what I need. I have participated in several photographic workshops and my choice was mainly based on people who lead them and who were involved in artistic photography. That is my affair of the heart…not very expressive line.

I shoot digitally; analogue photography has some how by passed, but the old historical photographic techniques have not. For me they have  immutable magic, foremost cyanotype, Van Dyke but mainly ferrotype. Many times, I hear an opinion that only analog and handicraft photo is good … I think that nowadays with so many techniqal conveniences it would beliter ally folly and stubbornly to cling to analog photography, although it has undeniably its unique charm. In my work I attempt to bridge the old and the new, the new modern advances of our time and the good old time proven methods. I am not a good writer, if I was, I would have certainly enjoyed writing some historical novels. I used to write poems occasionally, pretty decent ones, but after delving into photography some how the channel of creative writing has slowly closed and the new one– visual – has opened.

I think that now a days there are unnecessarily too many words. Naming things and states, debate about them endlessly, with out actually knowing what we talk about …. without feeling what is going on indeed. Photography, to meis a unique medium that just does not needvocabulary – it speaks for it self, without words, without the disutilities … and it´s up to any observer, what they hear,  what their soul,  heart and vision allow them  to perceive .. . We often mask ourselves unnecessarily too much and are concealed behind words, clothes, make-up, attitude, etc. Hence we some how are lost in the masses and conventionality  … but the uniqueness evaporates.

I am a photographer because I enjoy it incredibly; it completesme and enables me through pictures to express my attitude to wards life, things, people – I do not want to express myself verbally. I would instead use my time wisely. I believe the saying by NielsBohr “Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think,“very appropriate.Each photo to me is also an introspection through which I handle all what comes my way. Simply, I convey each aspect of my life, how I feel and what I perceive, into my work. So, if anyone ever considers my work that person will certainly find out a lot about me, my life and what has hurt me in any way.That person will be able to relate to me and my life.

I´m not trying to make wonderful pictures, I try to make my photos. In my creation definitely dominates nude females , in which I found enough inspiration and opportunity for creative self-realization I experiment, try, change, dream, search, break the rules and standards – I adjust a mirror, although not directly; the observer must himself find answers to his questions. My photos are oftenunreadable and may beslightly complicated, but that is how many times life it self is. I try to balance between dreams and reality. I have many times recieved comments  about my photos that they are like paintings. Ironically, I am not able to draw or paint and perhaps that is why I have chosen the photography which allows me to compensate this inability. I do not know what a good photography should have– I have heard that soul, story, must be technologically perfect …and many other adjectives …
Probably it should first some how speak to the observer, touchhim/her to stirup one emotionally – even negatively. Then the photography will be meaningful. And whether a picture was taken by the phone or the most advanced camera or made by any other technology is only a secondary matter. It is believed that photography captures time, moment … I feel that it is not quite so … I somehow feel that through perception of the presence, of the moment I am trying to capture, the time ceases to exist and it looses it´s power. And during those moments I started to notice light. Every where, around us,  in the morning, during daytime, in the evening, at home, outdoors…The eyes of the photographer cannot be replaced by any other technology. They are the best technology ever made in this world with its two lenses which do not make any sound although the innumerable photographs can be saved with an unlimited memory, the battery does not have to be recharged, it is automatically protected against dust and automatically cleaned up and finally all images are in 3D … [Official Website]

Once I have asked my friend  what kind of lens and camera equipment should I bring to a particular photo shoot:  He answered”It does not matter, you should be able to make a good picture with the stuff you have available.
And since then I shoot as I see and with equipment I have available.

15_Renata Vogl_you are beautiful 14_Renata Vogl_...Can't take my eyes off you.... 26_Renata Vogl_scanned original ferrotypie,let me out, original size 13x10 cm 25_Renata_Vogl_scanned original ferrotypie,nymph, original size 13x10 cm 24_Renata Vogl_scanned original ferrotypie,waiting No1, original size 18x15 cm 23_Renata Vogl_scanned original ferrotypie,landscape No2, original size 18x15 cm 22_Renata Vogl_Figur_7 10_Renata_Vogl_Vysocina No4  16_Renata Vogl_two women 17_Renata Vogl_lady in white 18_Renata Vogl_when you sleep19__Renata Vogl_red No3 21_Renata Vogl_peonies 7_Renata Vogl_rain


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