Remnants by Hugo Hentoff

Hugo Hentoff  – A series of silhouettes of preserved animals. While many of these creatures are over forty years old, their bodies are still perfectly intact.  Humans have managed to stop the process of decay and preserve bodies long after there is no longer life on the inside.

While the body is preserved, the life inside the body has escaped. All the animal leaves behind are remnants. Although we have perfectly preserved the animal’s body, we still have no idea how it lived. We are have been unable to preserve the animal’s life; only found a way to make the remnants last longer. This series of photos attempts to illustrate this phenomenon. Through the mystery of silhouettes and the natural beauty of the shapes of these animals, Remnants is simultaneously haunting and aesthetically pleasing.

 Hugo Hentoff

 Hugo Hentoff

 Hugo Hentoff  Hugo Hentoff Phrynosomatidae


Muridae Eurycea Coleoidea


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