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My name is Ramak Bamzar; I was born in Tehran/ Iran and immigrated to Australia in 2010. People interest me. Their stories, personalities, where they come from, how their family and origins have shaped who they are. I’m interested in sharing their experiences and the wisdom they hold.

The ability we have to tell an expressive narrative through what we capture. Photojournalism was my first love, but as l explored who l was, storytelling and exploring narratives became a major part of the work l undertake now.

The creative process is such wonderful escapism from everyday life. It provides a sanctuary for creative thought, self-expression and builds a stage for telling a story that could otherwise go untold.

My work is influenced strongly by my emotions, it’s hard not to have it come through my work. It is a representation of what l believe in that of strength, passion, loyalty, love, truth and the magic of imagination and play.

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Portraiture photography - Ramak Bamzar-The-Dreamer4 Ramak Bamzar-The-Dreamer3 Portraiture photography Ramak Bamzar-The-Dreamer1 Portraiture photography

Alongside portraiture photography, I’m exploring the feminine form and undertaking a series encapsulating fantasy and another series focusing on narrative realism. I like mixing reality with fairy tales, representing innocence, nature and the magic of a child’s imagination that we largely lose in adulthood and seeing what happens. But l also feel strongly about telling the story of women who have been persecuted and whose freedoms have been silenced. I feel it’s important to explore both types of photographic work.

Women inspire me, the honesty of the way a woman looks, the strength and beauty of the female spirit and the need to embrace the whole self. Being from Tehran where women are limited in their personal freedom on a daily basis, I’m drawn to taking photos that express emotion, provide women with the freedom to express themselves and supports them having a voice. It’s important in my work to capture the honesty in a face and the natural beauty that a person possesses. [Official website]

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Ramak Bamzar- Earth Bound02 Portraiture photography Ramak Bamzar- Earth Bound03 Portraiture photography Earth Bound04 Portraiture photography Earth Bound05 Portraiture photography Earth Bound06 Portraiture photography Ramak Bamzar- Earth Bound07 Portraiture photography Earth Bound08 Portraiture photography Ramak Bamzar- Earth Bound10 Portraiture photography Earth Bound09 Portraiture photography Ramak Bamzar- Earth Bound01 woodland sojourn1 Ramak Bamzar-woodland sojourn2 Ramak Bamzar-woodland sojourn5 Ramak Bamzar-woodland sojourn8 Ramak Bamzar-woodland sojourn9 Ramak Bamzar-woodland sojourn10 Ramak Bamzar-woodland sojourn11 oodland sojourn4

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