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Portrait photography has a meaning that goes beyond the representation of a subject, it can be many things, such as the metaphor of a way of thinking.
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Portrait photography has a meaning that goes beyond the representation of a subject, it can be many things, such as the metaphor of a way of thinking.

I chose to photograph Ilaria in her laboratory, which is a space of life and creation. The atelier of an artist is a condensate of substance, maybe it shows itself like an unconscious self-portrait of the artist, an ideal place for me to set the portraits I chose to make. The laboratory in an inspirational place because it isn’t an inert box, but it lives in complicity with the artist and her works. I finished my work within two sessions during the afternoon, when the light that came through the widow was golden and vivid at the same time. I didn’t want to photograph Ilaria when she was working, but posing, in fact “the artist as a model” already is in the pictorial tradition of the portrait of the artists. This way shows a very personal and respectful relationship between photographer and who is photographed: both recover a relationship of equality and intimism, which is regardless of the act of artistic creation.

About Stefania Piccioni

Stefania Piccioni was born in Ascoli Piceno, Italia, November 9, 1970, who is the photographer daughter of a photographer father, She Graduate Diploma Photography in 1989 . Photography has been always Stefania’s work and passion. She development of this passion and in 2009, she finally jumped into the art of digital photography. Her shots captures the world as she feel it or imagine it. Her images are captured both in black and white and color creating timeless pictures of her imagination and desires. She had several group exhibitions In Italy: In 2014 she parteciped in the Thirth Biennale of Salento, Lecce. She won the thirth prize for Best photography in b/w ” Mille Modi Di essere Donna” Dream Factory Gallery, Milan 2014. She was selected in 2015 and 2016 editions of the Art Collective “In Contemporary Porcari 2016” – Special Mention sect. Photography 2016 -Porcari (LU) -) -2018 she exhibit in the city of photography, Senigallia, the Della Rovere fortress hosts a photographic exhibition dedicated to the annual acquisitions of the Archive, which since 2015 is located at the Musinf (Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography of Senigallia.) The exhibition, organized by Prof. Giorgio Bonomi, offers a vast overview of the photographic self-portraits of Italian and foreign artists. Her Still life and Her self-portraits are part of the photographic archive Musinf- Senigallia (An). Her self Portrait are published in the art book on self-portrait by Giorgio Bonomi, edited Rubettino – Her photographs are part of collections public and private, are published on different Photo Magazine.

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