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Looking at the world, children focus their attention on details. For most of us, these fragments are trivial. Kids can’t have an all-embracing view, for the world around them is too abstract, too wide.
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looking © Pierre Gable 2011

Pierre Gable – Looking at the world, children focus their attention on details. For most of us, these fragments are trivial. Kids can’t have an all-embracing view, for the world around them is too abstract, too wide.

They only see but fragments of the whole and focus on a world that grown-ups no longer perceive at first sight. As far as they’re concerned, adults look at the world they live in, in a holistic way. This probably is why they’re bound by reason. Or, on the contrary, what leads them to madness. Who knows? Through my pictures, I intend, in all modesty, to bring those fragments of childhood back to life, to capture all those things that have become invisible to most of us.

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I was born in France in 1969, I have been living for the past ten years in the Haute-Provence area, a magical place to deal with light, once home to the great masters Jean Giono and Cartier Bresson, and not far from the Sainte-Victoire well-known of the great painters.

Many of my pictures are taken in my area, it is a country of light and shadow or coexist softness and harshness, a country of contrasts. Today, as a freelance photographer, i work for literary publishers and involves in promoting various artists (concerts, CD booklets, web advertising, video clips, etc.) I am also invited to festivals and I participate in artistic institutional projects.

In 2010 I was the guest of honor -The Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Florida-USA, the following year I had the chance to win the grand prize HIPA which was beautiful and very inspiring theme “Love on earth”

I exhibited my works in the usa, in Brazil, Dubai and different places and festivals in France.

looking PORTRAIT.9

I proposed both the work of portraits and landscapes, most are made of black and white, I have a predilection for black and white. Many of my portraits are portraits of children and older people, they are people who touch me particularly, they let go with the camera and does not try to hide the reality or seduce they are natural. I use both digital and analog cameras.

I’m not very comfortable with imposed series, I do not put words in my images I like the idea that they speak for themselves.

I love this quote from Doisneau:

If you do the images, do not talk, do not write, you do not analyze, do not answer any questionnaire. Do not trample secret gardens.”

My images reflect me ; they express what I feel, fear, love, revolt, I’m with my share of childhood, the man I’ve become … They propose my universe made of light, soft and threatening skies; this is what is most striking in my images: a burning light, tormented or end worlds.


I’m an instinctive, I think and I dream a lot in pictures, my photographs are often the fruit.

But I also like composing the music and lyrics of my musician friends, it helps me and guides me as to the choice of shots. The painting, especially that of Caspar David Friedrich, German Romantic painter, fascinates me. I am very sensitive to “The Faustian soul”, the pictorial effects, the dark light, mysticism, fascination for strange things, disquieting, the rifts of the soul between omnipotence and impotence. As I said, I am also passionate about cinema.

looking PGA2013

I like to photograph the passing time, the traces of the past, scars, walls that basking, roots, trees, are what remains of the decorations from past lives. But nature always takes over … [Official website]

The works gathered here, each raise the fundamental issue of intrinsic bonds existing between Man and his setting.

Photography, according to Pierre Gable, is emotional, affectionate, loving, ironist, carnal, and critical, within the meaning of sensualistic philosophy.

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_PGA.Land3@PGable _PGA.Land5@PGable PGA 2010Copyright Pierre Gable chat1 PORTRAIT.5 PORTRAIT.8 SONY DSC SONY DSC _PGA.Land@PGable _PGA.Land4@PGable looking _PGA.Land2@PGable

looking PORTRAIT.1

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    Janssens serge

    May 20, 2016 at 23:36

    Je viens de passer un agréable moment ,en visionnent les photographies de Pierre Gable et je le remercie vivement . Bravo …

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    serge janssens

    Apr 20, 2018 at 23:51

    Je visionne pour la seconde fois les images de Pierre et je ressent toujours la même satisfaction …

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