Pia Johnson – In a dim light…


The setting is rural Japan in the middle of the night. The 100-year-old house stands nestled between mountains, bamboo, rice paddies and the sea. It is made of wood and filled with tatami mats and screens. Time passes slowly. The weather is changeable and so am I.

I cannot sleep. I wander in this liminal space. Displaced in a foreign land. Listless, awake, the edges of self beginning to fray.

‘In a dim light…’ is a series that aims to capture the experience of being displaced, lost and fragmented in a foreign place. Underlying ideas around insomnia, ennui and otherness come together to create an experience that is disquiet and dark. This artistic concept for ‘In a dim light…’ grew out of 2013 residency at Studio Kura, in Itoshima Japan, where I worked and resided for a month, living independently in a 100-year-old, largely traditional property.

I devoted time to researching Japanese aesthetic theories, particularly ‘mono no aware’ (sweet melancholy or pathos of things) and ‘yugen’ (profound grace). Both point to a solemnity of things, a poignancy of the beauty of objects, their mystery and deeper meaning. Using this basis, the house and nightscape became a canvas to portray the mixed feelings I experienced: displaced and curious, restless and awake.

About  Pia Johnson

Pia Johnson is a photographer and visual artist, whose practice seeks to investigate issues about cultural difference, diaspora and identity. Ranging from close-up portrait work to abstract photographs, Pia’s work is collected in private and public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria. Pia has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally including the USA and Japan. [Official Website]


3_Door_photoPiaJohnson_8102 4_Etude1_photoPiaJohnson_7402 5_Etude2_photoPiaJohnson_7891 6_ItoshimaNight2_photoPiaJohnson_8043 7_Etude3_photoPiaJohnson_7980 8_ItoshimaNight3_8010 9_Etude4_photoPiaJohnson_7421 10_Hanger_photoPiaJohnson_7361 11_Hallway_photoPiaJohnson_7279 12_ItoshimaNight3_photoPiaJohnson_8085 13_ItoshimaNight4_photoPiaJohnson_8030 14_Bedroom_photoPiaJohnson_7409




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