StoryMy Place by Dina Oganova

New generation in Georgia.First generation living after disintegration Soviet Union.They are in their own rooms,their own space and talking about their life.
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New generation in Georgia.First generation living after disintegration Soviet Union.They are in their own rooms,their own space and talking about their life.

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01 : Keta

It’s always hard for me to start, it probably has something to do with my laziness but if I start, I take it to the end.
I was about 7 when a beauty contest was organized. I did not understand what it was in the beginning. ..
I became Miss Smile of the contest – the only reason why I remembered this is because I did not have any teeth at that time.
I am very happy that I was born in Georgia..
90ies are great but I have always wanted to live in another time with no TV, phones, Internet. I would have loved to be born again in Georgia in 18-19th centuries – I would write letters to my family and friends and wait for them to answer back, these days you write somebody on Facebook and they answers right back.
I love “Midnight in Paris” – I feel like I am the main character…


02: Andro

I am on my planet right now, the planet which is linked to planet Mars.
Life went as usual – just like in our city, everything as expected – you need to follow someone else’s steps but I really don’t want to. There are rules you need to follow in relationships…it’s lame…I don’t understand why you need to explain everything to everybody in our city, not everything needs to be explained so I want to find a person who I will be able to talk to without words.


03: Qeu

There is a feeling of aversion and a feeling of affection. Tbilisi is the city where everybody wears black and at the same time make themselves believe that they look good in it. If people were to wear what they like, be who they really are and show themselves as much as possible everything would be perfect.
No one ever has any desire to do something new, create something, they don’t event want to because they know what follows. They’d better fit the usual role. They are afraid of people, they don’t have what it takes for trying, they cant take risks, they’d better be like everybody.  It might be that when they stay alone, they think about it, think about what they want and love but they will never say it out loud. I am handicapped by this environment, I am not able to show the best of what I can do but at the same time the same environment, everything that is happening gives me inspiration to do something.
It was as if I was not supposed to be born at all, I almost died when I was born and I’m like a walking dead, half dead half alive.


04: Qeti

For me most important was music and there were many bands and concerts, but finally I stopped playing…
Just now we have finished recording new song with newly founded group – “third side justice.”

This is third side Justice… So generally there are two sides fighting against of each other, and there is also third side, who can stop it.  It’s already two month we are playing together. There are many Georgian band, but it’s not easy to make music here – no show business, lack of producers and in general people create their music in home conditions.

Sometimes people in streets say: “What do you look like? How are you dressed? What is color of you hair? You are Satanist!” But I don’t care, continiue walking and listening to music. My real life is a battle and fight, first of all with myself.


05: Kedi

Usually I had moments in my life when I thought that I can’t write, but after asking myself: “if I will left writing what have I do then? “ And after that everything stated again… My other activities are also connected with writing, I’m correspondent, and what I want to do is to write about conflicts – specifically about war…

My favourite person is “Aniki” – she is daughter of my sister, everything what I’m writing is about “Aniki”, but sometimes I’m changing names… In Georgia we have lot of characters in every part of country but without prolong.

I always wanted to left Georgia and go somewhere out of this country, when I have problem I’m saying “in the end of this year I will left this place”, but then I realize that it’s just matter of certain moment, and I will not have there same view as here from my window.

 In the last period I have fair of meat, and in general I have many phobia – clothed space, elevators, people, sometimes books, new shoes, old things and pictures.


06:  Megi

When I was little I always wanted to be an adult. I live in Germany and it was because of my family that I came here. I am studying the language, visiting the countries that you can literally walk to from here. It has only been a little while to start thinking about going back home but sometimes I miss everything so much…
I really want to have a wedding in Paris. I would wear a red dress and ride a white bicycle with flowers in the streets of Paris. It would only be us and the maid of honor and the best man. Then I would drink in the middle of the street and listen to Nino Katamadze play and sing just for me..

07: Pepi

Simple things can make me happy. My life is built this way I’m either in a good mood or in a bad mood…

I have a lot of things from when I was little. I am the kind of person who never throws anything away. Each object brings some energy to me, each of them reminds me of something and I don’t know how long I will go on colleting these things. A lot of people would probably not be able to have all this trash on their walls… I am an artist Pepi and I draw in books. Drawing is the only way of expressing myself. I cannot play the piano, write music or speak about something better then anybody else. I only draw in books because I found this new page where I feel comfortable.


08: Kakha

I am an ordinary guy, I live ordinarily, like skiing and I enjoy it very much. Also I like playing rugby; it’s so exciting for me. I have spend almost hole life playing rugby game, but could not continiue frofessional career. Now I am playing in amateur team. But anyways on the field I feel myself free and delightful. I am poster designer and I think that all of us have to be a little bit of crazy, but it should be within the normal range, people should not have show it. We must be calm.
I was born in Batumi, my mother is from Batumi, but I live here… I love my 15 years of age, I have no worries about anything, I only was thinking to go to the yard and screw up something. When I grew up, everything was left behind… I realized that there are some reasons and causesin our life and we should do something for other people.
I see myself in future in different ways: or I will be very successful, or some kind of closed person. But I feel that my generation would change with something the generation of 90-ies.


09: Anika

“Everything will disappear and everything is for sale – love, art, earth, me and you, especially me”.
There are a lot of things I like in this city and the things I don’t like. Even though I keep wanting to go and leave everything behind there are still a lot that keeps me here and I keep living here. I like that you can buy things on the street, like flowers and books.  It gives this special feeling to the city… What I don’t like most of all is it’s a cold city in terms of relationships. It’s somehow not united. Tbilisi should be smaller; there are too many kinds of people living here. Everything looks artificial, not only buildings – people in general. There is too much falseness around and the harshness comes from it too. Everybody is artificial around me and often I am too.


10: Tekla

I am not constraint with time thanks to my schedule. I don’t have to be at work at 9 and get off at 7. I have a free schedule. Giorgi Parajanov’s movie was being shot, it was a great project –that’s how it all started. My dad worked there and he took me for the first time just to see. That was the first time I happened to be in that environment, met interesting people and I mainly do film painting now. There is an environment in Georgia to become a good painter, but there is also another thing – how you will present yourself because there is not a free environment here,  number of exhibitions held for example is very few.



I want to have a family and kids…I like caring about people, it will calm me down, my family and work will come first and then everything else..
I have been sketching on everything ever since I was a kid.
I was 12 or 13, I spent the whole winter in a coat I made. I had my first job back then too. I think I have not been lucky in relationships. It takes time for me to trust people, I need a lot of time to build up trust…I dearly love people who are around me, I love the time I spent with them too.. Balenciaga is my favorite designer. He used to say that a designer should be a painter of colors, a philosopher of style, an architect of patterns and a musician of harmony. I try to have all of these components in me.
I was 18 when I had my first show. These minutes were full of emotions..
GFW was where I had my debut and it was rather successful. Quite a few people were interested with my work as a result of the show. A French buyer bought the whole collection.


12: Keta &Luka

It all started with a theater. My life is one big theater too. When I’m off, I do plays at home, I always come up with these things.. I never believed in love at first sight but it really happened.  The curtain went down and I came out from behind the scene; she had come with a friend, I knew I liked her as soon as I saw her. I don’t know why I came up to my friend and told her: “we are going to go get a drink”. So we went. I could feel that Keta liked me too. I did not get in touch with her for six months after that, I don’t know why we did not speak for six months but after six months I texted her: “I remember you” and we met… we met and met.
At first I thought was not a kid. I did not like to play, did not really like to be around other kids and if some of the kids visited me one thing I thought was “I hope they don’t make a mess”. I had my own small world.
Luka is a part of my life, no matter how banal it sounds, he is not just a person, he is my life, like every day when I wake up I know that my life is connected to this person till the end of it professionally and in simple things like when I put a kettle of water to boil for tea – I know there has be enough water in it at least for two cups


13: Tamar

I paint from 3 years, at that time it was my hobby.In period of school I was doing own exhibitions, painting my family members and they enjoyed it very much…

My profession does not give me income because it’s not so easy to sell something. I had the opportunity to sell, but my works mean lot for me. But now I move to another condition and if that would happen again, probably I will agree.

I had rehular childhood; I had pleasure to smoke sometimes. When there were no cigarettes, me and my sisiter, we took some small parts of broom and used them as cigarettes.  And because of that I am smoking too a lot.


14: Noe

I am calm, silent musician, who didn’t realize his self.

I was born in Tbilisi, grew up in Batumi and I am on stage from age of 16 with guitar, before I was playing on flute.

I had my first kiss at age of 13 and I had no idea how to do that. I just remember it from movies, when parents are trying to avoid you watch kisses. I feel cool after that kiss.

At age of 20 I realized that only person I love is – Me; and I became a narcissus.

We’ve met each other and two ears we were together. But I was in Batumi, she – in Tbilisi; and we meet each other very rarely. We’ve lived between Tbilisi and Batumi… Then we decided to break up and after 3 months I went to Tbilisi. Now I live here. We are not seing each other, have no contact at all. Even when we meet in street, hardly recognize each other because we’ve changed, grown up. And so we live in one city itsef.

I am from Batumi and am proud that city has its spirit, mood and love. People are also different, friendly, in small city everyone knows each other, city loves you and you feel it anyways.


15: Mariam

I wanted to become a dancer, because that character is what I can be strong and I liked it very much. Then I thought I would be a singer but had no skills for that. In childhood Tamo very jealous of me, trying to hurt me and mortify me… One day we were alone at home, others were at neighbors and Tamo told that she will give me something to eat, took the soap, cut half and forced me to taste it…She didn’t eat the second half.

I had painting lessons and I was in love with my teacher. Difference in age was not so big, Iwas 16 and he 27. In the beginning we had normal relationship, we were drawing in classof 4 people, I don’t even know when he liked me…

Once I came to painting class and he was not there, I was sitting and drawing, then he came and sit behind me and we started talking. I realized that we had much in common, he took my hand, we laughed and I kissed him…


16:  Nata

I exist for myself, and not for this purpose that someone will interested in me. I waited every summer, dreamed when we will go to Moscow. I’ve anyway spent all summers there. We have fight all the time with the brother, because of a place to an illuminator in plane. And it was a shame for mother with people because of us that we almost killed each other. Russia has different culture and these Georgian children for them were noisy and disorder types.

What kind of artist I am, I haven’t held a brush in hands so long time… I was very perspective girl, since childhood I was drawing and all the time dreamed of art academy… Finally when got there, all my dreams were failed. The art academy was different world for me, here, where can study only best, really talented people. And I thought that there should be students who became famous and popular for centuries. When I went there and saw what mentally retarded people exists there I have realized that I have got wrong address.
I hated school from first till the eleventh classes, without intervals. I beat each my schoolmate boys.
Georgia, is the country where I was born, grew up, where I live and from where I am not going to go anywhere. And because my roots here – this is the country where I will always return.


17: Rostom

I live at home with my mother.

My father passed away and he did not know how many years was my mom. He thought she was 13 years old; I accidentally got her birth certificate and founded that the difference was only 8 years. She still tries to hide age; she says: “I am as many ald as you say.”

Rostom is a good guy, everyone loves him, but he annoyies me a bit and disobeys when I say go to sleep on time, or wake up early. There are many places he has to go – he’s altar server at church, teacher of art at school; has some business at the Institute of Manuscripts, and walks out of hungry all the time… He is very thin, eats little, this is my problem and I am concerned because of this.

He is attentive child, we are friends, but not open to me… I do not know who he likes some one or not?! He likes world, people, all are good, but I don’t know who his heart is seeking for?! I am asking him, my son, before you will make some decision, let me know, introduce me her, to have my opinion, I would have liked her… But anyways his choise is most imortant and she would be for me like a daughter.


18: Yana

I have been living in Georgia for the past 11 years. I was born in Kaliningrad. I moved here because my dad wanted so. He always said that he had to go back to where he was from. I had to move from one school to another a lot when we lived in Russia. I switched schools 4 times, 3 times in Russia and the last time when I moved to Tbilisi. In Russia, It’s better to finish the school you started going to. It was absolutely horrible – changing schools 3 times.  After the last time, I said I would not go to school anymore and that was my first time when I expressed my protest in front of my parents. Children  were cruel at school.

I train myself not to think about what will happen tomorrow or in couple of years. I want to be able to live now, live only by what’s happening today because I want to value each second of my life because it is the most important out of what we own. Not loosing humanity is the most important thing- everything else is of little importance.


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