MATTERHORN: Book & Exhibition Announcement

Orada & Galerie Rigassi Bern are pleased to announce the release of the book titled “MATTERHORN: Portrait of a Mountain / Porträt eines Berges” by Nenad Saljic.

“MATTERHORN: Portrait of a Mountain, a series of black-and-white photographs by the Croatian artist Nenad Saljic (b. 1961), functions as a metaphysical carte de visite: an allegorical combination of beauty, transience and monumentality with the documentary character underlying the work.  Invisible forces of nature, at work over millions of years, have created the Matterhorn in a lengthy and random process of Apollonian formative power. Visible and animate forms of nature, captured by Šaljić, record his subject over the course of time and breathe life into geologic matter. In his photographs, the artist gives the Matterhorn strongly expressed features, thereby creating a passionate and aesthetic snapshot of the interplay – always changing, never returning back to the same – of already formed matter, animate nature, and the human being as creator, as a force of representation.” – Kevin Muster –

The book is bilingual: English & German, hardcover 30×30 cm, 120 pages, with 43 black & white duotone photographs, published by Orada & Galerie Rigassi Bern in conjunction with the exhibition.


Portrait of a Myth / Der Mythos im Porträt


GALERIE RIGASSI Bern, Switzerland

25 June – 8 August 2015

CERVO, Zermatt, Switzerland

10 July – 16 August 2015

KUNSTRÄUME, Zermatt, Switzerland

10 July – 30 November 2015


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