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Because of my short career as photographer, my portfolio is mainly practice material and shot close to my home. Finding the beauty in things you see every day, requires me to see things in a different perspective and develop myself.
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Because of my short career as photographer, my portfolio is mainly practice material and shot close to my home.

Finding the beauty in things you see every day, requires me to see things in a different perspective and develop myself. Because all my work is personal, it is likely a true representation of my feelings about photography and myself as human a being.

Two photographs ‘A Frozen Ditch’ and ‘Prima luce Horizon’ are from a series I’m currently working on. These two are taken at almost the exact same location.The viewer may notice, that I have a soft spot for dark spheres, especially dark forests and midnight scenes. All forest photos were shot close to home at early mornings.

To show the feeling and beauty of the actual moment in 2D photos, post-processing is always necessary. I process my photos in such a way that it approaches my original idea as much as possible. Everything you see in the photos is (of course) made by me. But seldom in one exposure. Simply because this isn’t technically possible. Combining different shots in post production also helps me to develop new ideas and improve my skills when working in the field.

The photo ‘Spoorweghaven’ seems misfit in this collection. No nature! It was made in the greatest city of Holland: Rotterdam, close to where my roots are. It is a three shot panorama with a total exposure time of twenty minutes and heavily processed to express my visions.

The last photo I want to point out here is ‘Octavia’. This photo was taken on a mountain in Provence near the mighty Mont Ventoux. Apart from animal noises or bad weather, it is always deafeningly quiet there. I wanted to make that silence and total peace tangible in this photo. Although the title ‘Octavia’ suggests otherwise… that is the name of the dog in the foreground.

About Jeroen Lagerwerf

I am a photographer from The Netherlands. Greatly inspired by astro- landscape photography. With a background in ICT, my choice for photography may not be the most obvious. But things do change more often. After a burnout and years of serious illness, I started photographing in 2018.

During a bicycle trip upon the mighty Mont Ventoux, as a victory to overcome my dark times, I watched the night sky and decided to photograph it. But without any knowledge about photography, that failed of course.

Since then I almost continuously practice photography and study advanced editing techniques to improve my work and express my vision the best way possible. Because of my passion for nature and all universe around us, this is what interest me the most. I also really enjoy being outside in early mornings or late nights, experiencing the magic moments and find peace and tranquility.

I decided to use photography to express my vision on the chosen “subject”. Not necessarily to capture reality. I believe that photography (and art in general) should be meaningful for the viewer. In the end I hope my work can increase the awareness of the viewer in our environment. Therefore I would like to challenge you to witness and experience the captured moment yourself, as it were. [Official Website]

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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