NewsL A Noble Gallery presents: Fix photo 2016

London (13 - 22 May 2016) L A Noble Gallery (LANG) is proud to present FIX Photo 2016 - an annual celebration of exemplary photography in all its forms. FIX Photo is produced and curated by LANG Director Laura Noble.
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L A Noble Gallery (LANG) is proud to present FIX Photo 2016 – an annual celebration of exemplary photography in all its forms. FIX Photo is produced and curated by LANG Director Laura Noble. With events and workshops throughout and artworks and publications for sale there is something for everyone to discover. This free exhibition of photography includes works by a vast array of domestic and international talent from LANG and invited artists. FIX Photo is proud to collaborate with Schilt Gallery with four of their represented artists included in the exhibition.

FIX Photo explores many facets of the photographic medium.

Documentary works by Chris Steele-Perkins and Robert Clayton present humanity and community.

Tom Broadbent’s portraits of the Furry subculture and the bold bright colours of Mischa Haller’s still life subjects celebrate the quirkier side of life.

Infrared landscapes by Edward Thompson transforms green foliage into vibrant hyperreal reds whilst the digital collages of Emily Allchurch renders uncanny constructed tableaux of Tokyo and London.

Deborah Baker and Lisa Creagh combine traditional ower photography with complex Photoshop techniques to investigate contemporary notions of space, beauty and tradition.

The impressive theatrical staging of Lottie Davies’ Memories and Nightmares conjures remarkable dream scenarios, the theme of psychological connection is further explored by mother and daughter team Memymom whilst Cig Harvey’s interventions evoke a similar dramatic tension on a smaller more intimate scale. Venetia Dearden’s close observations of friends and family relations are poetically rendered in both desirable landscapes and quiet interiors.

Chloe Rosser’s contorted naked models revel in real-world surrealism, whilst Marta Kochanek instead approaches the nude form with vivid cinematic lighting. Holly Lynton, Alex Poll and Venetia Deardon consider poetic connections between the environment and our place within it.

Lucia Ganieva casts an admiring eye over kitsch wallpapers depicting exotic locations and wildlife whilst Yola Monakhov Stockton delights in directing her own living ornithological sitters.

Directing and abstracting reality in 2D and 3D, Renée Chabot’s interior observations and ‘multiverses’ open up new dimensions in a form of photographic sculpture. In contrast, the gurative black and white photogravures by Hendrik Faure appear as if from another century. Einar Sira’s images re ect death in jewel-like colours. Sarah Reuter’s work physically connects to life after death in the use of embroidery thread once belonging to her grandmother, now an integral part of her photographs.

FIX Photo offers audiences the opportunity for an enlightening, enriching and inspiring journey through the diverse and tangled channels and tributaries of contemporary photography.

Guests are also invited to visit our Perky Blenders cafe providing coffee, snacks and coffee based cocktails. There are also books on offer by Schilt Publishing, LANG artists and independent publications. Wild Card Brewery bar on the third oor also offers the chance to unwind surrounded by stunning photography with beers on tap, wine and cocktails.


The show will include a series of events including curator led tours, artist talks, lm screenings, book signings and a programme of workshops. A full listing of events will be available upon request, dates tbc.


Emily Allchurch | Deborah Baker | Tom Broadbent | Renée Chabot | Robert Clayton| Lisa Creagh | Lottie Davies | Venetia Dearden | Hendrik Faure | Lucia Ganieva* | Memymom | Mischa Haller | Cig Harvey* | Marta Kochanek | Holly Lynton | Yola Monakhov Stockton* | Alex Poll | Sarah Reuter | Chloe Rosser | Einar Sira | Chris Steele-Perkins | Edward Thompson*

*Represented by Schilt Gallery


13 – 22 May 2016

Bargehouse | Oxo Tower | Wharf Bargehouse Street

South Bank | London SE1 9PH