KUKIMBIA: A Journey Through Kenyan Running Culture

Author: Ambedo Studio| Duration: 07:12min

In March of 2016, we traveled to the highlands of the Kenyan Rift Valley to film and photograph running culture. We stayed in the family homes of some of these athletes, and documented their daily lives as they prepared for international competition.

People often wonder what makes Kenyan runners among the best in the world. In preparation for this project, we came across many different opinions on this; ranging from diet, to genetics, to initiation ceremonies. However, working on this project directly with the athletes gave us different answers.This film is an attempt to provide an experiential journey through Kenyan running culture. Special thanks to all of those that we stayed or spent time with. Your warmth and hospitality will always remain with us.

About Ambedo Studio

Ambedo is the collaboration of Eva Verbeeck and Spencer MacDonald, based in Leuven, Belgium and Portland, Oregon. Through photography and motion picture, we aim to take audiences on a journey through various cultures, traditions, perspectives and times; revealing the universal nature in all of us. We are available for hire as content creators for companies, NGOs, brands and agencies. We like to travel.

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