Jean-Pierre Duvergé : Vexin 2015


Pursuing the work carried out with my series ” Lacanau-Océan 2014″ I begin a new series on the country near of which I live: French Vexin. It is about a farmland which receives its own mysteries which the only light can reveal.

Vexin is situated in 40 km in the Northwest of Paris. It is an agricultural region which cultivates the beet. The sugar beet is used for the production of sugar, and secondarily alcohol and ethanol-fuel. In autumn takes place the harvest of beets. The harvest is very mechanized. The machine gathers beets in hills which take unreal forms in the light of the first colds. Here are the first photos of the series ” Vexin 2015 ” which will continue all year long.This work continues to develop my conception  of the photographic work: photography as contemplative mood.


The look of the photographer has to impose upon the reality so that it imposes its own reality represented by the image. So the artist imposes his imagination on the world and transforms it. But for it, it is necessary to submit itself to the show of the nature and to welcome its beauty to transform it better by means of the genius. Approaching the secret of the nature, the heart of the artist speaks then to the spectator and tells him a story. That’s why the photographers are awkward with the words because their language is the image. I am very appreciative of young contemporary photographers work as Arnaud Bertrande , Bruno Mercier, Yucel Basoglu and Michael Kenna, for an exemple but my youth was rocked by the images of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, I forget much they forgive me .My material(equipment) photo consists of a sony bridge DSC RX10, of Nikon d750, of two objectives to nikkor 16-35 F/4 and 24-120 F/4, of filters NISI and Hitech, a door-filter Lee, remote control and a tripod Sirui with rotule ball.



DSC09285 DSC09308 DSC09317 DSC09326 DSC09332 DSC09339 DSC09354 DSC09278 DSC09279 DSC09283 DSC_0024retraité DSC09166retraité

 Jean-Pierre Duvergé



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