Irvin Rivera : Innocence and mystery

DAPHbyIRVIN_ (1) Irvin Rivera

Irvin Rivera – The works of Caravaggio and some other renaissance paintings that depict innocence and mystery at the same time inspired the series.

I was drawn of the idea of dramatic light towards my subject to show some sense of enigma.  I wanted to explore that kind of seemingly hidden mystery buried deep down the façade of pure innocence.

Daphne, a 12 year old fresh face who is one of the youngest girls that I have ever photographed have this ethereal and innocent face with so much character that seems to speak volumes of stories, I like that about her.

The use of fruits and vegetables symbolizes a coming of age tale; something blossoms, something is fruitful, something gives life.

This is a story about innocence and rebellion. It tells us that there is more to the innocent face of the subject.

For this series I used one light source and a 22” beauty dish positioned in a 45 degree angle from the subject pointing downwards.

As I proceed with the shoot, I told my model the brief narrative of the story that we are trying to do.

As for processing, I tried to keep and highlight the subject’s freckles to stay true to her persona. It also adds up to the subtle type of mystery that I am going for with this series.

Story will always be king for me. The fashion editorial story should have a heart. For me, the core of every fashion story I do are always guided by a myriad of several elements- characters, plot, character motivation, colors, location, angles, composition, clothes, harmony, hair, make-up, styling and all the other tiny details involved during the production process.

This series is very close to my heart because of its simplicity. I love shooting crazier and edgier editorials that convey layers and layers of meanings but I found this one powerful in its own way and I find it very beautiful. [Official Website]

DAPHbyIRVIN_ (2) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (3) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (4) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (5) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (6) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (7) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (8) Irvin Rivera DAPHbyIRVIN_ (9) DAPHbyIRVIN_ (11) DAPHbyIRVIN_ (12) DAPHbyIRVIN_ (13) DAPHbyIRVIN_ (10)



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