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In photography, I'm working with two different tools, so let's say I've two camera bags. In the first one, you can find an entry level reflex, which is a Nikon D5000 with two lenses (a 18-105 mm and a 50mm 1.8) and a Manfrotto Tripod
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I’m a young photographer from Southern France, photography has been a passion since I was a teenager. currently living and working in Paris.

I work with a digital camera and a street box, which is a wooden home made camera with an included lab. [Official Website]


What’s in your camera bag?

In photography, I’m working with two different tools, so let’s say I’ve two camera bags. In the first one, you can find an entry level reflex, which is a Nikon D5000 with two lenses (a 18-105 mm and a 50mm 1.8) and a Manfrotto Tripod. I also have a Lomographic camera called Holga, with a couple of b/w and color film. In the second “bag”, you will find an Afghan Box camera, which is a home made wooden camera with an included laboratory inside. It allows me to focus, shoot and develop a black and white picture in the same place in about 3 mn. Beside that I need to carry a studio tripod, some Harman direct positive paper, chemicals (revelator and fix), a timer, a fisherman chair (to carry everything inside) etc…

What’s the most surprising thing you carry?

I would say this yellow Afghan Box Camera. Its not common to see people shooting with that big stuff !

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Still this Afghan Box Camera. Its a unique camera, built with nothing else than wood, but which is very particular. It’s a great way to meet people as they are always surprised to see how it works. It’s easier to get the portrait of someone with this camera rather than with a digital camera.

What are some of the details that you find essential for your style of bags?

It must have a lot of pockets, easily accessible, so that the bag can be well organised. It must also be discret in term of color (black or brown is fine), it’s much better when you travel not to attract the attention with your gear.

What are the important things for protecting your camera gear?

A kind of plastic coat for the camera when it rains, and a rubber protection for the camera too. For the lens, I keep  them in their original bags when I’m not using it. Then everything is carried in a shoulder strap bag.

Can you give me the essential carry kit when traveling the globe (bags, accessories etc.)?

For me, it will be my camera with these 2 lenses and its rubber protection, a travel hard disk from La Cie, a 16GB memory card, an extra battery and a charger. I’m trying to travel as light as I can ! But in the best condition I can allow myself for the moment.


(photo by Sébastien Bergeron / Collectif Mœmento)

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