Icebergs by Jonathan Pozniak

Icebergs by Jonathan Pozniak

Life in the polar regions has captivated us for hundreds of years. Comparing old explorers’ photos to that of today will show drastic change in both landscape and wildlife.

My first trip to Antarctica in 2010 was the start of an ongoing project shooting icebergs, glaciers, ice caps, and the animals that call these places home.

Being a portrait photographer I’ve learned to fine tune human emotions – ego, sadness, loneliness, pride, relationships, discovery. When you take a place like Antarctica where human life doesn’t exist, you find humankind reflected there. Icebergs are the offspring of living breathing embodiments of parent nature. Calving from an ice cap thousands of years old, time has frozen long enough for the elder to shed it’s own story and birth new formations of nature out into the sea. This collection of icebergs from Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and Svalbard was shot portrait style to reflect human cycles of life, death, and regeneration.

Bringing awareness to the complex and layered issues of global warming is my goal and I count myself among many image makers currently traveling to the ends of the earth to document these ecosystems before they’re gone. [Official website]

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Icebergs by Jonathan Pozniak
Icebergs by Jonathan Pozniak


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