Hopper Meditation by Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman creates poetic photographic images for book covers, magazines, advertising and gallery exhibition.

He began experimenting with digital imaging in the early 1990’s, developing the signature  style that synthesized his interests in graphic design, photography, painting and assemblage.
This digital work found a wide audience in the commercial sector, and his work has since been featured on the pages of magazines, annual reports, book jackets, and catalogs for clients such as Adobe Systems, The New York Times, Penguin, Sony Music, Newsweek, and Random House, among others. Tuschman’s award- winning work has been recognized by, among others, American Photography, Print, AIGA, Photo District News, American Illustration, and Prix de la Photographie, Paris. He has lectured widely on his artistic technique and creative process, and has taught at Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, OH), University of Akron School of Art, and Ringling College of Art + Design (Sarasota, FL). He currently lives and works in New York City.  [Official Website]

About the series, “Hopper Meditations”

For the past year and a half or so, I have been making images inspired by Edward Hopper’s intimate interior scenes. I like the idea of creating open-ended narratives that hopefully evoke some of the complexities of the human condition.

The images are digital montages using dioramas I make for the sets. Sometimes I make the dioramas first, and sometimes I photograph the models first. The pieces are very labor intensive, which actually I like. Making the miniature sets gives me a great deal of control. It is also a nice contrast to both shooting, and working on the computer, though I love all aspects of the process.


woman-sun-ii woman_sun woman_reading woman_man_on_bed woman_book_letter woman_at_window pbr_windowseat pbr_still_life morning_sun morning_city green_bedroom_morning green_bedroom_4am



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