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Dodho Magazine partnered with GuruShots "The Worlds Greatest Photo Game" in a photo challenge contest titled "Tell a story"  Over 100,000 photos were submitted and more than 45 million votes were cast!
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Dodho Magazine partnered with GuruShots “The Worlds Greatest Photo Game” in a photo challenge contest titled “Tell a story”  Over 100,000 photos were submitted and more than 45 million votes were cast!

GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self. Wanting it to be fun and meaningful, GuruShots turned the sharing of ones photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off one’s talent. Every month almost 4 billion votes are cast in over 400 themed challenges!  It’s free to join! Just  go to

Ronja Soponen – Finland
Top Photographer

Jonas Vallin – Sweden
Top Photo

votitov – Ukraine
Guru’s Top Pick

Sean Keta – United States

Sarah Hitzfelder – United States

Sanna Aaltonen – Finland

Salomea Tabagari – United States

salim belaidi – Algeria

Sahidul Hassan – India

Ruben Kajomovitz – Israel

Rose marie Nisolle Sette – France

Þorsteinn-H-Ingibergsson – Iceland

ZY-Sjahrial -Malaysia

Zbigniew-Kudej – Poland

Žaneta Bringel – Portugal

Zach Lemaster – United States

Yuri Dedulin – United States

Yair Tzur – Israel

Xan White – Switzerland

Wolfgang Weber – Germany

Will Elsner – United States

Vujka Radivojevic – Sweden

Vincent Boutet – Belgium

Viktoriia Shtefanesa – Poland

Vikranth Thupili – Finland

Victor Anderson – Mexico

Vera Faith (PNW-Team)-United States

Ural Adel – United States

Un.imagination by Marek Mulenko – France

Twiggy aka Twig -France

Tori Lerback – United States

Tommy Armstrong – United States

tommorris1985123 – United Kingdom

tinskengum – Republic of Lithuania

Timothy Butts – Sweden

Thomas Leach – United States

thobias strömberg – Norway

Teodora Sarbinska – Bulgaria

Tampa Bay Photo – United States

Stefan Schnöpf – Sweden

Siva Shoots – Singapore

shavit vos – Israel

Romualdas Butkevičius -Republic of Lithuania

Rodolfo Vadillo – United States

Robert Shapiro – United States

Riikka Sevenne – Finland

Prem Nagabhatla – Canada

pipeson – Sweden

Piotr Drezinski – Poland

Peter Wood – South Africa

Pavlína Rolincová – Czechia

Patti Spamers – South africa

Patrycja Kasprzycka – Austria

Patrick Bredimus – Luxembourg

Paolo Barozzi – Italy

Oscar Wagner Martinez -Germany

onrercoskun – Turkey

Oliver Schmid Selig -Germany

Nilsen Travels – United Kingdom

Nerijus Riauka – Norway

Mykhailo Hladchenko – Ukraine

MP Duarte – Portugal

Monique Tjon – Netherlands

Michael Walker – Australia

Michael Potts – United States

Michael Friedberg – New Zealand

Maurizio Cascone – Italy

Matt Williams – United States

martinjoh302 – Sweden

Martine Lanchec Girard -Madagascar

Martina Herstusova -Czechia

Marta Shutterbug – Poland

Marky.McMarkface – United Kingdom

Kate Bruce Photography – Australia

Mark Vawser – United Kingdom

Mariusz Twardowski – Poland

Mario Troiani – Israel

Marina Shipova – United States

Margie Troyer – United States

Margarida Afonso Silva -Portugal

Marc Harris – United States

Maciej Czuchra – Poland

Louise Telfer – Australia

Liviu Ivanescu – Canada

Linas Butkevičius – Republic of Lithuania

Lawrence Wallis – United States

larissagomelsky – United States

L_Individu Photography -France

kuriene – Netherlands

Krisztina Nagy – United Kingdom

Kristina Denison – United States

Kinga Albert Zoikum -Hungary

Kimberly Crawford – United States

Khaled Bakkora -United Arab Emirates

Katrina Scotka – United States

Karin Schotte – Netherlands

Kari Martin -United States

Karen.2020 – United Kingdom

Jroy P Dang – Denmark

jpdesjeunes – Canada

Jozsef Ban – Romania

Josh Woodcock – United States

John Cassar – Malta

Joey Harper – United States

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