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GuruShots, “The World’s Greatest Photo Game” ran challenges for "Best Landscapes" and "Best Food Shots". There were more than 180,000 photos and more than 75 million votes cast. Here are the top 36 winners!
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GuruShots, “The World’s Greatest Photo Game” ran challenges for “Best Landscapes” and “Best Food Shots”. There were more than 180,000 photos and more than 75 million votes cast. Here are the top 36 winners!

GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self. Wanting it to be fun and meaningful, GuruShots turned the sharing of one’s photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off one’s talent. Every month almost 4 billion votes are cast in over 400 themed challenges! It’s free to join! Just go to

Best Landscapes

Ivan Heidrick Capelo – Portugal
Top Photographer

Lindsay Muirhead – New Zealand

Daniel Kazor – Canada

Geir Blom – Norway

Lindsay Muirhead – New Zealand

Luis Abelino-(Aka Davi Abelino) – United States

Micha Mettier – Switzerland

Robert Jahn – Czechia

Rodrigo Izquierdo – United States

Ronny Steve Johansen – Norway

Terje Jorgensen – Norway

Terry Naegele – United States

Thomas Weinsheimer – Germany

Vaska Todorova Grudeva – Bulgaria

Vladislav Zubkov – Latvia

Best Food Shots

Anthony Lam – Hong Kong
Top Photographer

Marco Hollander – Netherlands
Top Photo

Bart Pollie – Belgium

Fabrizia Chiappa – Italy

Glen Charles Gebert – Canada

Hermann Klecker – Germany

Igor Nalyvayko – Ukraine

Jaime Portaleoni – Germany

Jerald Deutsch – United States

Joyce Young – France

Nijole Byer – United States

Liudmilla Wagner – Germany

Marco Hollander – Netherlands
Top Photo

Kevin Powers – Germany

Marius Radu – Romania

Naomi Steinruck – United States

Rosario Vincenzo – United Kingdom

Rosemary Wallsworth – Spain

Sabina Zullo – Aka Zoezullo – Italy

Sally Rinsma – South Africa

Sergey Demchenko – Ukraine

Tatiana Shestakova – Russia

Vaska Todorova Grudeva – Bulgaria


Digital Edition


Published Photographers

Ari Jaaksi | Rebeca Moseman | Dina Goldstein | Jo Lauren | Emmanuel Monzon | Hal Gage

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