Our printed editions, circulating throughout various galleries, festivals and agencies are dipped in creativity.

The spirit of DODHO’s printed edition is first and foremost an opportunity to connect with a photographic audience that values the beauty of print and those photographers exhibited within the pages of this magazine.

We invite professional and amateur photographers from all around the world to share their work in our printed edition.
Yolanda García

Dodho is a great window to the world, and I was lucky to be part of it for a beautiful interview. I can not give more than thanks for all the opportunities from there. My work is fed by other eyes that look at them, and thanks to you they could look at me multitude eyes from corners of the world.

Gittan Beheydt

Dodho is such a great inspirational magazine. You might say as a contemporary photographic encyclopaedia. A never ending resource of the greatest visual stories and insights of the best international artist.So it is really amazing to be featured and I’m feeling deeply honoured and proud to be among all the great photographers you are publishing. Thank you Dodho!

Andrei Baciu

I've known ”Dodho Magazine” since its early beginnings, and I am really amazed at how beautifully it has evolved. I visit it very often, because I know there is a high probability that I find some new wonderful photographs and photographers. Not only did I add ”Dodho” to my browser favourites: I keep it on the bookmarks toolbar.

Bill Gekas

Always an honour to be featured in Dodho Magazine, a most inspirational and well designed magazine relevant to the works of our time by the most interesting and influential artists across the world.

Deborah Roffel

Dodho you have recently published my work online, this link I put on my social media channels and have therefore received many positive reactions from who are interested in my work and of different clients. The work and the story is presented in a beautiful way and am therefore very honored . With this. I want to thank you for publishing my work and story!

Dodho is a wealth of resources for anyone who wants to be inspired. It tops my list of photography sites out there.

I been in the business for over forty years, but I still learn something each time I view Dodho Magazine on line. This is the great value of this magazine

Irene Tondelli

The Dodho team contacted me to publish my work "Far North". It has been a great collaboration, really professional and smart guys. Thanks again! Dodho Magazine has great cultural contents and is an open window on the world of photography, fresh layout and pleasant to read. Lovely! +++

Jacqueline Zilberberg

I like the enthusiasm with which the team of dodho magazine works
I appreciate the time taken to promote each of the selected artists, which implies respect for the work we do.I love the design of your site and the magazine as well. The design is neat, clean, and each artist works is always in sight.Im honored to be part of it.

Thank you Dodho for giving me the opportunity to have my work featured on such an inspirational and exciting magazine. I feel very honoured to be amongst such amazing talent.

Laurent Baheux

Very nice site and great presentation ! Thanks Dodho for sharing my B&W work

Tewfic El-Sawy

I discovered Dodho quite recently and was immediately attracted to the interesting mix of powerful photographic work/styles it features on its very well designed website. Being particularly interested in travel photography originating our of South and South East Asia, I'm finding much inspiration in the many galleries I've admired on Dodho's Asia section. I am very pleased to have had my most recent work featured on its website.

Adrián Domínguez

Thanks! to Dodho Magazine for looking at my work and for making me part of this great family, an amazing place to meet artists and projects. Dodho pay attention to different ways of photography, but it's to be appreciated the special attention to B&W. Long life for this growing project. Happy to be in!!

Dodho's concept is fresh and innovative - something our industry truly needs.

Michael Seif

I was invited to send my photographs of "Figures in Water" to the online magazine Dodho, which was exciting for me. I love the magazine, and gain inspiration from the photographs and features there. I also sent my "1960s NYC" photographs and was delighted to be included in the "OCTOBER 2017: MOST POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHERS." As a result of being published in Dodho, my images have attracted more than 2000 views on the Dodho website, and I have noticed an increase of activity on my own website. Thank you, Dodho, and thank you for your personal emails that make me feel like part of the online magazine. I consider it an honor to have my work included in your wonderful publication.

Peter Dazeley

Dodho Magazine alwyas has fresh and inspiring work on its site. The way that my work has been presented is fantastic

Kostya Smolyaninov

Dodho magazine is one of my favorite photographic journals because of actual contemporary content, because of nice representation of interes artist and mainly because the strong intention to make photography great again.

Abhijit Bose

Dodho is not only a photography magazine but it is the window to express art in all respect where photography is a medium. While working on Landscapes, Travel and Fine Arts photography, I was looking for such an explosive magazine where contemporary thought processes are adored and encouraged through publication. And it does not end at publishing! The encouragement from Dodho Team propels to think more and look at the depth of the detail and content to innovate further and there the magic is! I feel honored being published in Dodho and in the last three months, I have gone through a big transformation where Dodho’s encouragement played the major role. Thank you Dodho!

Dodho Magazine is a rare gem that allows professional photographers and amateurs to spread their work. Thank you so much Dodho magazine for allowing me to publish several of my works that have given me several other opportunities. Recommended for everyone.

Nicolas Evariste

Thanks to Dodho Magazine for sharing and for many discoveries. An honor and a pleasure to be part of this beautiful project.

Oded Wagenstein

Inspiration is one of the most important things for any artist. With it, we learn new visual languages and fill our "creative well" before the next project.With such an innovative collection of fascinating photography projects and series, the Dodho magazine is a great source of that inspiration.

Antonio Peinado

It is a great honor to receive the Honorable Mention in the Black & White 2017 contest and to have been interviewed by Dodho Magazine. Dodho Magazine is a publication oriented to the Photographic Art that is setting a trend in the industry. I am in luck for having appeared in Dodho Magazine.Thank you very much!

Adrian Morillo

A magazine where I can find fresh and new stunning photography projects? Yes, it exists, it is Dodhdo Magazine and I am honored to show my work there!

James Featherstone

Dodho is a fantastic platform for both budding and professional photographers!

Florence Gallez

It is such an honour to have my photo essay from South Africa presented among the beautiful international content of Dodho Magazine. It is the perfect platform for new and professional photographers, where we can get inspiration and learn from each others’ styles, approaches, and subject matters.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to reach a larger appreciative audience, and I feel more inspired for my future photographic projects.

Julia Anna Gospodarou

Dodho is one of the most inspiring photography magazine I know. The work and artists Dodho features are always the best you can see on the international photography scene, the best in their genre and a model for others. I’ve spent plenty of time browsing through the articles and images published and I am honored and very glad to be one of the artists featured in the magazine, even more than once. Thank you Dodho, keep inspiring us!

Dodho is an important magazine because it gives exposure possibilities to new and surprising voices.
The magazine's editors understand that talent is like a magnet, it's inspires more talented people to get their works out.

Cristina Venedict

Dodho magazine is really a great concept, very different from what we usually see on the web. I am very proud to have been invited to take part in it. Personally it allows me to discover new talented photographers

Dodho is showing interesting photography in a minimalist way therefore Dodho focuses on the photos and that’s what a photography magazine should do. It’s clean and simple in a very pleasant way. I am honored Dodho is paying attention to my photography project ‘self-portraits in strangers’ houses’. Great!

Raju Peddada

The Dodho Online Photography Magazine is a singular aesthetic platform for unique, experimental and authentic photographic experience! The Dodho team's publication design renders photo-essays in the most reader centric manner that makes reading and viewing an absolute pleasure. I found this magazine's jury to be the most discerning in its selection process, and only features those essays that advance the field of photography in a myriad ways, especially, the advancement of it, as high art form. Indeed, such an aesthetically driven magazine as Dodho, has a dual mission: A. a global platform for photographic risk takers, and B. to disseminate the new aesthetic paradigms to potential sponsors and collectors. I am immensely fortunate, in having stumbled across such a repository of photographic magic!

Lee Atwell

Dodho Magazine is a wonderful resource for photographers - so much inspiration in their features, articles and photographs. Dodho's passion for photography is evident in the quality and diversity of the bodies of work they feature and their encouragement of emerging artists worldwide. I am honored and grateful for their support of my work.

Salvatore Matarazzo

A fresh magazine, full of good content, is happy that my work has been presented here along with other interesting content.
Dodho is one of the most interesting places for photography on the web!

In recent years, I have not come across any more interesting and new magazine for photography. At a high level, it is informative and exciting for anyone who deals professionally with photography as well as for amateurs.

Samad ghorbanzadeh

Dodho is one of the best online magazines in the photography world.

Dodho magazine always has excellent aesthetic, there are standards that never betrace that it is great. Very fair and simple viewpoint is further strengthening the contents. The photographer's backgrounds and the significance of the works are transmitted straight as it is, because the editors have a belief and passion for the photographs very much. I am always with dodho magazine and I respect them all the time.

Babis Kougemitros

Dodho Magasine express the art of photography in a pluralistic way and at the same time is a wonderful platform that provide opportunities and challenges for photographers worldwide. I usually visit Dodho to explore new features.Thanks to Dodho Magazine for sharing and for many discoveries. An honor and a pleasure to be part of this beautiful project.

Agnieszka Sokołowska

Dodho Magazine gave me the chance to expose my work to diversified audience. Also, it is truly rewarding to have my work published among a variety of great, international artists. Dodho magazine creates great collection of interesting high level works from around the world. The team of Dodho is really helpful, friendly and understanding. Hope to be published again in the future.

Loreal Prystaj

Dodho presents a wide variety of photography and photographers, from around the World. The Magazine continues to entice my interest and amaze me! I am honored to be published by Dodho, and look forward to see what new and fresh work is to come! Thank you Dodho!!!

Max Hirshfeld

Dodho is an amazing vehicle to experience the world through some of the finest eyes on the planet. When they published my series of people looking at art, I realized that my work could cross borders and have international value. The human experience is best realized through vehicles like Dodho...thank you, thank you, thank you.

Terri Gold

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to share you work and your stories with an international audience. It completes the circle...
They present the work beautifully and are very helpful and supportive along the way. I was happy to be included in their magazine !

Guye Sancho

As an "emerging" photographer, having the chance too see and look for other people work on a same magazine it's great! And also being published in it it's something to be proud of. Just wish my work will help someone as many other works helped me and keeps helping me 🙂

Alice de Kruijs

Big thank you for Dodho Magazine! First of all they created a great content with plenty inspirational photography, and secondly they published two of series.
I am very grateful for their support! Besides, I love the vibe that Dodho Magazine brings: kind, professional and creative.

Riccardo la valle

Great experience, a place where Art can meet photography!

Shirren Lim

A big thank you to Dodho for showing an interest in my work and gave me a feature to showcase my talents. I am forever grateful for the encouragement and for the step forward in my ambition. I look forward to collaborating with Dodho in the near future.

Tatsiana Tsyhanova

Dodho magazine is one of the most interesting magazines to inspire photographers from all the world to creation their own photo projects and sharing their skills with each other. This magazine shows to readers the amazing mix of fresh styles and new ways in photography.

Dodho resembles creativity, free flow of expression and more importantly it allows experimental work to be published. It's great to be published in Dodho ! Inspire me time and again ... Thank you Dodho!

I love Dodho's content and educational aspect! Their competitions and prizes are very inspirational to any type of photographer

Working with Dodho magazine was professional pleasure and challenge. Being a part of a jury of a Black and White prizes for 2017 showed me some great new photos and approaches. It was pleasure to see and talk about high quality work that was produced.

Claudio Allia

I’m really pleased and honored to have my work published on the DODHO online magazine. Many congratulations to an open-minded and inspired team which was able to create such an innovative and refined platform, collecting so much inspirational photographic artworks and styles from all the world !

Todd Bradley

I am so thankful to the team at Dodho magazine for including my portfolio The Protectors of Magical Seeds in their publication. Everything went smoothly from the first contact to the final published piece. Wonderful!

Alice Zilberberg

Dodho is an amazing magazine featuring only the best of the best photographers! It was a pleasure doing an interview with the team this year. I love this magazine and find the content always inspiring.

Dodho is a great place to get photography out there.
The features are fascinating and truely inspiring stories. A good opportunity to get to know work of photographers from around the world and a great magazine.

Elise Boularan

Dodho introduces a lot of worldwide photographers, and pays close attention to its artists. I appreciate this difference so much. I'm glad to be featured in Dodho, and look forward to seeing the new Dodho's discoveries. Thank you again!!!


For me , It is the greatest honor in my life my works to be published by Dodho which is one of the famous and the most influential photo magazine in the world .

Nick Tauro Jr

Dodho has provided wide exposure for my work. I have been able to share my photography with a much larger audience. It has been an honor to be shown surrounded by so much great work by other great image makers.

Michiko Chiyoda

The Dodho magazine is a wonderful platform that could openly provide opportunities and challenges for photographers worldwide.
I have been learning a lot of things about photography and art from its web since there’re quite a few impressive and interesting works and information.
Recently, one of my works has been introduced in it, and I’ve felt very honored. I am sure this relationship’d help my future activity, and I thank Dodho very much.

Dodho Magazine’s dynamic features of diverse photographic styles and the interesting and talented people behind the lens make it one of my favorite magazines today. Dodho opens doors to lots of amazing and wonderful talents around the globe. This magazine is one of the really good ones out there with amazing content

George Digalakis

I've been following Dodho magazine since it's beginning and it has always been a source of inspiration for me. A unique photo magazine promoting all genres of photography giving "young" photographers the opportunity to show their work. I'm really honored to be part of it's journey!

Roberto Manetta

Dodho is a fantastic photographic magazine where you can find a lot of inspiration and where you can learn so much,where you can admire the magnificient work of different artists and photographic style,really gratifying.

Frédérick Carnet

Photography needs to be seen. And Dodho is one of the place to be to look at great photo works.

Viet Ha Tran

Wonderful mag, thank you so much indeed for the quick publication of my photography, especially with all the links to my social media correctly published, you are the 1st magazine that ever did this in such a nice way! All other mags only posted the links together with the articles and not linked to the logos.

Dodho Magazine's online version is my go-to site for inspiration and a look at what is happening in photography around the globe. This magazine truly reflects the vibrancy of the medium of photography right now, and across the spectrum from emerging to established talents. It always features a great cover, filled with well researched and interesting content, and always presented in a well-designed package. I love the fact that it gives a voice to undiscovered talents, it is that kind of support that makes this one of my absolute favorite photography magazines. Well done to the team and keep up the good work, your efforts are definitely noted and deeply appreciated.

Wojtek Ryzinski

Dodho is a fantastic source of photography inspirations. It's a great honour to be published among so many talented people.

Annick Donkers

I want to thank Dodho magazine to believe in my work. It is a big honor for me to be part of the group of amazing photographers promoted by this website.

As a doctor I believe in the importance of facial language. Faces are vivid maps of human experience which I have to read to understand somebody else to some extent. In my pictures I like to explore those rare, comical or graphically interesting “coincidences” that daily life offers when people interact with each other and their environment, while always trying to keep a balance between form and content. DODHO MAGAZINE helped me a lot spreading the word about my philosophy taking pictures. Thanks a lot! You are the best.

Christine L. Mace

I am incredibly honored to have had my work selected for publication by Dodho Magazine. Being published among other talented photographers on this platform has given me a boost of confidence and encouragement. I am grateful to the staff for selecting my work and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Jelena Osmolovska

Always happy to see my photographs and story were published in Dodho magazine. Dodho is one of most interesting magazines, where are published just best stories with photographs. This magazine is high level platform for photographers that why it is important to me to be published there. Dodho team are interesting in communications all the time and it is very important to me get replyes. Impressive magazine!

Ralph Graef

Dodho is one of the best photo magazines I’m aware of. I’m always surprised by the high level and variability of photographic works highlighted in the individual articles. I’m looking forward to the future issues.

Lee Musgrave

Dodho Magazine is one of the most inspiring publications available today. The work and artists it features are the best you can see internationally in their genre. It is an honor to have my work and the related article included among them. Thank you to everyone at Dodho.
By presenting the vast array of subjects and approaches used in contemporary photographically based art it is obvious that is committed to reaching out globally. Their featured artists section is well researched, provides illuminating interviews with fantastic photography and has inspiring range and diversity. .
The magazine is a veritable treasure trove with a reach that is rarely found in other art photography websites but what I appreciate even more is the eye they have for quality and depth when showcasing talented artists from all over the world.
I highly recommend this Magazine to anyone interested in learning about how photography fits into contemporary culture.

Dasha Matrosova

I’m very glad that I have published in this edition! There are many very interesting, beautiful and desired information! I often browse and inspiring work of creative people. I am sure that every year dodho to this day will gain even greater audience and to attract young talent.

Yulia Artemyeva

Thank you for submission of all my projects sent to DODHO. DODHO gives an opportunity to be interesting for many people. It is good reaction from people after the publications of my projects. And it is a new step in my bio - to be a part of internet DODHO publication and print magazine.Thank you for giving this opportunity,

Saptarshi Choudhury

Dodho Magazine is an amazing magazine to learn,share, express the art of photography. It comes with the uniqueness of ita own, with the detailed categorized section, this magazine is easy to read , view and experience excellence.

Raquel Chicheri

Thanks to Dodho Magazine I have discover tons of new amazing photographers that I am following right now and learning from their work. I also had the opportunity to show my work on the magazine for which I am very thankful.

Dodho is a great magazine for all types of photography, sometimes diversified topics which shows the taste of the magazine and its always evolving in terms of the subjects they cover. I am very happy to be included in the magazine and my topic is about Forms of Mental Illness.

Dodho Magazine has a refreshing and eclectic display of contemporary artistic photography and I feel truly grateful to be featured among such talented photographers from around the world. It has also been a great honor to be among the selected ‘Black & White Best Photographers of the Year 2017’, an edition I highly recommend for its print quality and stellar works! I want to take this opportunity to thank Dodho´s team for their continuous support, and I wish to this wonderful magazine many more years of inspirational publications.

Such an honour to have work featured here, amongst some amazing talent. Thank you Dodho for sharing my contribution to this artistic photography world.

Timo Heiny

In a world where societies break apart because of political conflicts, Dodho created a platform where people from all over the world converge to a community to show and to share by photography their inspirations, emotions and wishes.
Through there professional work the Team of Dodho deserve great thanks that we have the possibility to present our work and being a part of the Dodho story.

Robin Macmillan

I am so happy to have been introduced to this wonderful online photography magazine! It was an honour to have my series “Footprints” be included with such a high calibre of work from international photographers. The magazine is well put together with class, knowledge and a keen artistic eye. Thank you Dodho!

Although a recent addition to the photography scene, is totally committed to the promotion through publication and online presence, some of the best photography from around the world in all the main genres. Their featured artists section is always well researched and provide illuminating interviews, with great photography. KLPA are glad to be selected as their supporter and partner.

Scott Stulberg

Finally someone has a incredibly well thought out website that is just what photographers really want. Filled with so much….and will help all kinds of photographers with so much information.I love Dodho!!!

Morganna Magee

Firstly congratulations on your beautiful magazine- it’s not often I find myself spending hours looking at one website but I spent the whole morning on your site- beautifully designed and beautiful photos.Secondly I’m really honoured you would consider my work!! I’ve attached my latest body of work

Dodho is a beautifully crafted on-line showcase of photography from around the world. It is inspirational, diverse in genre and promotes the sense that we are a global community. It is a collaborative effort, granting photographers a supportive platform to share their work. I am very grateful to be a part of the dodho story.

Philip Faith

I had the pleasure to have my work featured in DODHO magazine, and I have to say that its a gorgeous magazine, that gives exposure to photographers worldwide, the content is very well woven and the staff are very kind…I would suggest this Magazine to any Photographers as well as Photography enthusiasts.

Michele Palazzo

Very honored to have been chosen by Dodho! great Magazine and happy to be in very good company!

Inna Mosina

Dodho is a modern, multifaceted magazine! I'm very proud to be published here. And I highly appreciate all the editors of the magazine. Good luck to you and continue to conquer the world!

Xavier Ferrer Chust

A magazine like Dodho, no doubt, is a platform for the projection of all photographers. It is an honor to be among the published works and at the same time a pleasure to collaborate with this Magazine whose contents, of a very high quality, show us the best projects today.

Marcin Walko

Dodho sees the potential in photography that has so far only been seen on social networks and in private portfolios. The fact that our work, our achievements and accomplishments are supported by the author's vision and the direction and currents in this field, is a sign of our appreciation of this kind of editorial work. With Dodo, the ideas of my pictures and the way how they are presented, look to the international audience.

Kip Harris

The Dodho On-line Magazine is a clean, elegant presentation of photography and supporting text. It is an honor to be included in its collection of photographic stories. In foregrounding the image over text, Dodho harkens back to the classic era of Life Magazine.

Efrat Sela

DODHO is a wonderful platform, giving photographers from all over the world exposure to a discerning audience. I enjoyed and learned from its excellent selection of fascinating stories and superb images as a reader. I am thrilled to participate as a photographer sharing my story.

Felipe Fittipaldi

Dodho brings the best of photography. More than a place of artistic inspiration and good stories, it is a democratic platform that allows photographers to present their works with autonomy and freedom. It is a valuable space for us photographers to express ourselves.

Congratulations to the team at Dodho for creating such an excellent photography magazine. The content and photographic images are diverse, always of a high standard, and inspiring. A wonderful platform for aspiring and seasoned photographers.

Id like to thank Dodho Magazine for supporting my work. They do an excellent job at presenting the images along with the statement. I know that I have been getting great exposure through the magazine! Thank you, Dodho!

Federico Massimiliano Mozzano

I like dodho magazine, for a simple reason, it's curious. I've been following the magazine for a few years and I have to admit that she kept the same look at photography, showed me the work of artists I did not know before. this in my view is the difference that distinguishes him from other magazines. until it will keep the same curiosity on the world of photography it will be a pleasure to follow you. good job Dodho !

Adelīna Darviņa

Dodho magazine is not only a great media platform for young artists to advance in their career but they also have great managing team which is very helpful and supportive along the way.

The team at Dodho magazine play an important role in featuring excellent work by contemporary photographers. Being featured in Dodo magazine has led to numerous publication and exhibition opportunities. I was delighted to be selected for the Dodho B&W Awards. Colleagues and friends remarked that it was impressive to see the portfolio alongside other artist/photographers with such strong bodies of work.

Sasha Bauer

Dodho magazine is a great platform for publishing new interesting high quality series. I spent a lot of time studying the work of talented authors. there is a lot of quality unusual material. Here is an excellent selection of works and a convenient navigation system, also bright and energetic design. I am very glad to be published in this magazine among such interesting and strong authors. I wish good luck and inspiration to all my colleagues.

Dodo Magazine is an influential and inspiring photography magazine for any avid photographers. I'm extremely honoured to see my client and my interview featured in this magazine. Definitely one of my favourite magazines in the global market.

I enjoyed entering my images to dodho. Their response was always personal and meaningful. The standard of photography is very high and I relish looking at images submitted by others. Photography is a reflection of a passion within and the magazine strives to convey the very best to exemplify this passion.

Paul Elledge

Dodho is a well crafted magazine that showcases a variety of wonderful image makers. I really enjoy seeing new photography as well as seeing some old friends work at my finger tips

A splendid magazine that takes great care on the curation of the works. A pleasure for any photography lover.

I got my first publication on DODHO MAGAZINE so even for affection a really owe them a lot. Their team works great and I love their idea to be open to new projects to share and publish. DODHO has found the key to be a real and serious magazine trusting in new emerging photographers from all over the World.
I am proud to be part of their realeses and I am pretty sure we will be in touch for long time yet.

Isabella Sommati

Thank to Dodho for sharing my works, it is a very cool magazine, excellent choise of photos and beautiful graphic design! I am very honored to have been able to show my work in this magazine. Love Dodho

Thomas Jerusalem

One of the coolest Magazines for artistic and conceptual Photography

It has been a pleasure having my pictures and project featured on Dodho Magazine. It has also been a pleasure to discover such an engaged team who is giving a voice to “story tellers” around the globe. A window to the world.

Joachim Michael Feigl

Dodho is a really great and inspirational magazine and always worth a visit. What I really appreciate is the variety and the high quality of the works. I also like the consistent focus on photography. Thanks a lot for this! It's a great pleasure to be included in Dodho Magazine.

Subhajit Naskar

Dodho is a world class magazine and Web portal. It is really fascinating for its content and unique photo series. Dodho can be a good platform for emerging new talents.

I think one of the most impressive platform I have ever come across, always share great content to look upto, really inspiring work you guys have been publishing, And giving me an opportunity to be a part of the amazing platform, I always look forward to see whats next you guys are coming up with !!! Quality knowledge is what we look forward too, keep doing great work. Cheers

I really like the idea of this magazine. At this moment there are lots of photographer around the world and lots of stories around us. So there should be some platform to publish the work. Because reaching the target audience for any photographer’s work is essential. I wish best of luck for the coming works of Dodho Magazine

Raúl Moreno

Being able to publish my photographic work in Dodho has been a beautiful experience.
Dodho is a very interesting magazine and capable of getting the work of photographers all over the world. We need initiatives of this kind to see which paths the photograph is on. Thank you!

Dodho is one of my favorite platforms on the web and I was very happy to be a jury member of a competition. Continue like this and I would be looking forward to a jury again.

Gianluca Cecere

Dodho is such a great inspirational magazine. It shows interesting photography in a minimalist and elegant way. A resource of the greatest stories. It’s clean and simple. I love this magazine.

George Digalakis

A magazine like Dodho was absolutely necessary. The presentation of new talented artists, is a great help to their emergence in the difficult field of artistic photography.Browsing through it’s “pages”, has been for me a source of inspiration and surprise for the variety and quality of the presentations. I discovered artists with fresh ideas, who have something new to give in the world of photography.I hope the route of “Dodho” to be successful and long lasting and continue to be a reference point and meeting place for young, but also established artists from around the world.

Riccardo Magherini

A great, richfull surprise.This has been the discover of Dodho for me .A source, a memo, a compass to the vast, complex image word.
A way to see things through the eyes of talented image artist, selected by a brillant staff.

Dodho Magazine is an excellent independent publication providing a refreshing look on contemporary photography! Definitely a place to scout for both new and established talents.

Alicia Moneva

Dodho Magazine is an excellent platform for international photography, is very inspiring. With a perfect design.
An honor to be included in Dodho.

Thierry Bigaignon

A magazine which is moving the lines. Long live the Dodho!

Marta Kochanek

A great resource and an online platform for photographers looking for inspiring, provoking and quality photography work. Thank you for letting me being part of the community!

Santiago Vanegas

Dohdo. What can I say? Consistently showing world class photographic content. Diverse, current, beautifully curated.

Alva Bernadine

Dodho contacted me a few years ago and I have been delighted with the connection ever since. Not only have I had my work published on this website but I have been exposed to the work of creative photographers I have not seen anywhere else. For me the best sort of photography is the kind that teaches me something new or presents something in a way that gives me a new appreciation for the subject matter. Thankfully, there is plenty of that on these pages and that makes it the best kind of website.

Erberto Zani

Dodho magazine is a wonderful platform on web: of course very useful for all photographers, that can show their works in a beautiful graphic, but also a landmark for anyone is interested in several typologies of art with light.

Anirban Mandal

Dodho is an awesome doorstep for serious aspiring as well as professional photographers to portray their work, unique signature style and creativity to international viewers. A magazine solely for promoting the works of emerging artists on the basis of a solid curation by experts is a great selfless idea to celebrate the art of photography at world level.

Juan Rodríguez Morales

Dodho gives you an opportunity to share your work. They select great works of photographers around whole world. It´s a great magazine and it was an honor to be selected with one omy my projects.

Jasmin Gendron

Dodho Magazine is a great source of inspiration. I am very thankful that I had my work featured among projects from amazing photographers. Merci à toute l'équipe!

Lisa Shalom

I love Dodho! I’ve been following on Facebook and Online for quite some time now. The stories are always fascinating and I love that the site keeps me abreast of the latest in photography news and information. I definitely get inspiration from Dodho all the time!

Each issues’s collections of photographers and images inspire and provoke in ways that always surprising and pleasurable

Ilva Beretta

Dodho magazine is a veritable treasure trove if you are interested in photography in all its forms, it has a range that is difficult to find on other photography websites but what I like even more is the hard work they do to showcase talented photographers from all over the world, always with an eye for quality!

I love the global reach of dodho, and the stellar photographic art they support and share.

Christine Armbruster

I have been a part of the Dodho community for a few years now. I love the wide range of high quality work featured. I know at any point I can look through Dodho and be inspired by work in fine art, documentary, travel, and many other genres from around the world. Thank you for the inspiration and for giving a platform for such compelling work!

Dana Stirling

I had a problem in the beginning with sending my submission via email but I got help and direction in a nice and positive way. I really liked what you did with my project it looks really professional and I was really happy to see it! thank you

Dodho is one of my all-time favourite photography magazines and, in my opinion, one of the best in the space of promoting top quality photographers. Keep up the good work!

While I am grateful for the kindness Dodho has shown my work, I am even more grateful for their passion for photography and how that commitment has resulted in a forum that provides its visitors and contributors so much rich imagery. Some photographers feel that one should view as few images from other photographers as possible, for they wish to keep themselves pure and unaffected and, thus, original. Many others feel, as I do, that it is essential to view many images, to study images, because we are all part of an ongoing visual conversation. Dodho provides, consistently, a wonderful opportunity for photographers and non-photographers to take part in this conversation by offering all of us a wonderful and eclectic collection of photography from a wide range of always evolving perspectives. Thank you!

Aga Szydlik

Dodho Magazine have been an integral part of my professional career in more ways than one, besides incredible worldwide exposure besides some of the most talented photographers, there is also aspect of mentoring and encouragement from magazine editors

Francisco Arteaga

Dodho magazine is the magazine for all photographers. A great magazine with a nice design, offering photographers around the world to see their work published. A magazine where different photography works take place from all kind of disciplines showing their best in a very stylish way. 100% recommemded!

David Egan

I was honored and excited to be included in Dodho Magazine. It is always rewarding to be recognized for your work and I think that Dodho did an excellent job promoting my photography.

Gabriel Carpes

As an emerging photographer, it was incredibly uplifting and encouraging for a publication like Dodho to show interest in my work. To be featured was a great step forward in my career and I hope to collaborate with Dodho in the future.

I am feeling proud and privileged to be one of the International Jury member from India for the Color Photography Awards organised by Dodho Magazine.
Dodho Magazine in a short span of four years has gained high popularity among emerging and professional photographers of the world by giving them a platform for showcasing their work and projects to the world. May Dodho Magazine reach to many more million photographers.

Roberto A. Cabrera

First of all, I'm grateful for having my photographies shown at Dodho Magazine. As an amateur photographer, virtually unknown, I've felt that Dodho staff take into account just the images, not only the name behind the photos. I feel that criteria at Dodho is open minded and far from prejudices.

Great works, professionals and good focused.
It was a pleasure to share visions with them.

To me, it's an honor to showcase my work through a world-famous publisher like Dodho magazine. I am really happy that people from various regions responded to my work, shared their feedback and above all they got to know about the story of those people who are living a very hand to mouth situation. One request to the team, that my website is under construction and very soon it will be live. Please share the link in your website so that people can get to know about my work in future. Thanks a lot to the entire team for so much cooperation.

A wide view of the world.
A world of opportunities for photographers.

Zuzu Valla

Dearest Dodho Magazine, I would like to say huge THANK YOU this way! Thanks to you I am growing in my photography career and you take me to an another level!Because you are sharing my work all the time, and for all your support, I will have my first exhibition, this November in Paris! I am happy to the moon and back, as my dream come true, and I cannot THANK YOU enough.Love you!

Pamela Aminou

Having my work published on Dodho magazine was one the best thing that has happened to me as the photographer. I never thought that my entry would have been accepted and it was. It was a stunning article that open doors to other features in other magazines. This magazine has always been my source of inspiration and it was an honour to be featured.

Dodho has become a magazine of reference in contemporary photography. It offers a fine selection of works that are rich in quality and diversity. It is undoubtedly a medium of continuous inspiration for established and new artists/photographers, where talent in contemporary photography is celebrated and supported. I feel very grateful that my work is among the selected ones. It is certainly an excellent opportunity to show the own work to the general public as well as to experts and professionals of the field with the valuable curated support of Dodho.

Ignacio Heras

I spend a lot of time watching the magazine, I think it is a very important window to show your dossier and see many photos of other photographers from around the world to learn and evolve, because I think there is a lot of level.For me it has been a pleasure to discover the magazine and be able to enjoy it from home.

Jenny Papalexandris

Dodho Magazine is a world class photography magazine. What sets it apart is the commitment to quality work by emerging and established photographers. This is not a vanity project, we are not overwhelmed by trends in photography, instead we see the work of engaging photographers with conceptual strength and technical mastery. The range of work is diverse and exciting, I return often to be inspired. I am honoured to be one of the featured photographers, the team have a professional and warm presence with outstanding editing skills. They share the deep respect we have for our craft and are not afraid to take risks. Dodho have filled a huge gap that was missing in professional photography publishing. Live long and prosper !

Toen ik Dodho magazine zag wist ik meteen dat ik daar mijn foto's wil publiceren. Alles spreek me aan :Logo, kleuren, inspiraties, presentatie, professionaliteit, judge. Het was echt spannet toen ik voor het eerst mijn foto's naar Dodho stuurde. En het was echt geweldige moment toen ik mijn belden tussen de andere prachtige foto's zag staan. Ik ben vereerd dat ik mijn fotografie in deze creative magazine kan presenteren. Dodho is grote hulp van kunstenaars die hun werk wereld weid willen presenteren.

Yuri Benitez

I am flattered to have been published in Dodho. Is a excellent source for inspiration and exchange of ideas and techniques.

There are few websites that I have ever seen that really excite us as photographers. Dodho is one of the best, if not the best and the layout, content and choice of photographers makes it the perfect place to learn, see great work and be motivated about photography.

Francesca Pompei

I would like to express my appreciation for the Dodho unceasing activity in discovering and promoting new talents. The magazine supports, encourages and spreads photographic culture in a vibrant and contemporary way!

Florin Ion Firimita

In a world full of visual pollution and incessant noise, Dodho is an outstanding artistic publication. I am honored to be part of their adventure, and very grateful for the support I have received from the team. This is no amateur night. I find inspiration, creative drive, and a sense of community that I have experienced only in a few places.
The quality and the honesty of the photography selected is of world-class level.

Manuel Armenis

As far as online photography journals are concerned, they very rarely come any better than Dodho magazine. Beautifully designed and skillfully edited to a very high standard by a tremendously dedicated team, it offers most valuable insight into the realm of contemporary photography from around the world. The diversity and originality of the works on display make for a compelling and deeply rewarding experience. This is a site that takes the art and the craft of photography seriously.Keep on being brave and authentic, Dodho.

Robb Johnson

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Dodho Magazine for a submission. Since that time I have 2 other pieces in their magazine.It opened up a new viewing opportunity for me and I find the photographers in Dodho to be very high quality image makers and story tellers; above any thing I have seen in similar formats. I really enjoy working with Maxim and hope to do so for many years to come. Great magazine, well worth strong support.

It has been such an honor to have my work published by Dodho Magazine. In search for inspiring images and stories, Dodho Magazine is surely one of the most effervescent places to go, bubbling over with beauty, full of an enthusiasm and an energy that’s truly contagious.

Danny DeGennaro

Dodho provides an incredible platform for photographers looking to disseminate their work in a thoughtful way. The staff is a pleasure to work with, and I'm proud to be part of the site.

Guénot yves

Thanks to the magazine for having published my work, passionate photographer I try to transmit and share my emotions as a diver. The marine environment and its inhabitants is a particular and fragile world. We must show its beauty and richness in order to respect and preserve it.

Alan Gandy

Dodho's focus on high quality and original photography is a breath of fresh air in a niche normally obsessed with kit and clichés! In addition to the magazine being a great read, it also serves as a valuable platform providing exposure to talented fine art photographers from around the world...

Ivan Clemente

Dodho is bringing to an every day increasing audience some of the best photography produced today, for all the ones who share this passion, is a must meeting point

James Singlador

Thanks to Dodho Magazine. You really help artist to showcase their works specially for the unknown but talented artists around the globe. More Power!

Dodho showcases very diverse and quality photography. I was delighted to be approached by them and highly recommend spending some time browsing through their website!

Luiza Marinas (Boldeanu)

Once I discovered Dodho magazine I instantly fell in love with it. It is beautiful to see how the Magazine is gathering in one place the work of great photographer all over the world. It is amazing for fine art and conceptual photographers. Being able to published my work it is a great experience.Thank you beautiful people!

Thomas Alleman

As a consumer of photography—as a passionate hunter of great published work and compelling design—I’m a huge fan of Dodho, which is conceived, edited and built with real taste and verve. As a photographer whose work has been published in Dodho on three occasions, I’m continually delighted by the boldness of the presentation of my pictures, which shows them in their best possible light. Bravo, Dodho, and thank you very much!


Dodho Magazine is for me a benchmark as a platform to publicize the work of a photographer. In my case it was the participation in a Call for Entries that made me value my work in technical terms, style, etc ... This assessment, which is the first one that someone has done of my work, was very important in my subsequent works, since it supposed for me a boost in what I do. I will always be grateful to the Dodho team for this assessment, as well as to the publication of the presented projects. I am very honored to be part of Dodho Magazine.

Taushik Mandal

I begin with a big thanks to the team at Dodho Magazine for publishing my photos shot during my first European summer.While I was out doing the project, what attracted me to the subject the most was how differently Europeans react to the short summer from what I am used to back in India. And I am grateful that the team at Dodho recognized and rewarded this thought process.

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Dodho Magazine accepts submissions from emerging and professional photographers from around the world.
Their projects can be published among the best photographers and be viewed by the best professionals in the industry and thousands of photography enthusiasts. Dodho magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted project. Due to the large number of presentations received daily and the need to treat them with the greatest respect and the time necessary for a correct interpretation our average response time is around 5/10 business days in the case of being accepted. This is the information you need to start preparing your project for its presentation.
To send it, you must compress the folder in .ZIP format and use our Wetransfer channel specially dedicated to the reception of works. Links or projects in PDF format will not be accepted. All presentations are carefully reviewed based on their content and final quality of the project or portfolio. If your work is selected for publication in the online version, it will be communicated to you via email and subsequently it will be published.
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