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Within each of us there lies a small portion of unsatisfactory statement that slowly over the passing time, turns onto us, even if we try to be significant we find some part of it to be missing.
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We as human beings are never complete even if all of our feelings are seen to be.

Within each of us there lies a small portion of unsatisfactory statement that slowly over the passing time, turns onto us, even if we try to be significant we find some part of it to be missing. This feeling of “lack of being” kind of acted as a strange phenomenon, in which people like us lie submerged.

After being diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression, I felt that I started to worry about everyday life events without any particular reasons and I always expected disasters to happen no matter how soothing the situations were. I started talking on my own and felt the burden of stress along with palpitation and chronic nervousness wherever I went. There was a strange euphoric rush regarding the feeling of always being left alone, which was becoming hard to control. At that time I realized that this is not a general feeling, but a condition faced by most of the people now days. I decided to document it.

Till now I have always looked for ways to express myself through the photographs that I try to take. I believe this strange phenomenon of mine as a gift through which I am able to send messages in a sort of thought provocative way, that I am not the only one out there. People like us exist and this is a common scenario, currently faced by a lot of people.

This is merely a subjective approach of mine towards a project that I have been doing for quite a long time. I am merely showing the situation of my mind at this moment through the plethora of caliginous feelings. These are all how I see my surroundings and the nature when I am down with anxiety attacks. I am searching for the eternal euphoria amidst all these construed illusions of the habitat existing between me and my feelings. Expressing all of these through a series of photographs kind of makes me feel happy but momentarily.

We all feel trapped inside the caged feelings of our emotions. The more we hide, the more we tend to overthink which never comes out of its place thus creating a strings of tension within our body which hampers the mental and physical stability.

About Ritam Talukdar

This is Ritam Talukdar, who is a freelance photojournalist and a story teller who likes to tell stories through the various visual narratives he uses while depicting the daily emotions of various people. After having worked as a product photographer and child photographer, he developed a strong passion to find out the day to day happenings of life all around in the forms of story. He left his job and got into this wide creative field to document the daily emotions and expressions that build up a human life and to document the news of lost cultures to the outside world. He has strong passion for street photography as well and has worked in various weddings too. He has a strong urge to learn about various post processing techniques involved in the developing of an image and has been playing since then with various forms and also regarding its presentation so that it can appeal to the masses. He has been featured in The Edge of Humanity Magazine (UK), Private Photo Review and in the Fstop Magazine Gallery Exhibit and in a lot of local newspapers of Delhi for various news regarding contemporary art residencies. [Official Website]


Where is my mind? Can anyone help me in remembering the unrecalled memories from the extinct oblivion? Sometimes the disorientated mind seems to be lost with considerable confusion. A subjective feeling when a person has anxiety.

Disturbances has been an affair since the last few weeks.

Crashed and Broken

The pressure in the real and alternate world. It haunts us every single time.

The Omen

There is nothing special happening tonight!

The runaway soul somehow got trapped within the harsh realities of life.

Go beyond of what’s expected of you.

Synapses of the modern generation illuminating us.


Prosopagnosia or face blindness is a disorder that makes you unable to recognise the faces of certain people. They rely on certain non facial information like voice, hair color. And here I am relying on events to recognise people. It’s been quite a long time that I haven’t been social with a lot of people.

Blurry lines of communion. Even the deepest darkest secrets of our life find a way to create a blurred line within our buried sensations that will never be the same again. It is a taboo now and depression doesnt require a sympathetic gesture ever. It hurts us only more.

There can be a number of psychological triggers that cause nightmares. For example if you are suffering from anxiety and depression it can cause adult nightmares. Post traumatic stress disorder can also cause people to experience chronic, recurrent nightmares which can also be caused by sleep disorders. It can generally be termed as a dream occurring during Rapid Eye Movement sleep that results in feelings of strong terror, fear and distress or extreme anxiety. This phenomenon generally occurs at the end of the night and the sleeper is likely to recall the content of the dream. Spiders weave a web which is an intricate and beautiful trap to catch its prey. As such spiders can be manipulative and if seen in a dream it can indicate that the dreamer is being manipulated or the dreamer is the manipulator. It can also make you feel that you are like an outsider in some situation. Or perhaps you might want to keep your distance away from an alluring or tempting situation.

Insomnia is hauntingly beautiful