Faith by Nilanjan Ray

Faith | Nilanjan Ray

Faith is not about belief. Faith in fact has very little to do with what beliefs you hold, other than that it allows you to hold them.

Faith is a sacred, deep, emotionally involved kind of trust. Faith is the kind of trust that you enter into with your whole being.

Faith is the kind of trust that, when it has been broken, it hurts deep inside… but faith is the kind of trust that finds a way to trust again despite the hurt. We are all people of Faith. Faith is a basic aspect of human nature. We live in a universe that is so awe inspiring, so infinite, so grandly complicated that all of human knowledge amounts to only a tiny fraction of reality. Indeed, much of human perception about reality is pure construct… because the whole of infinity cannot be understood by finite human minds.

Faith | Nilanjan Ray

A Religious Faith is not a collection of people who share beliefs, but a community of people who have made the commitment to trust one another to care for each other’s spirits and souls, and who join together for a Faith filled purpose. Blind Faith is a trust that is not examined, not understood, and of which requires only body and soul, neglecting the mind and the spirit.

Pure Faith is the kind of trust that you hold even when your rational mind says you should not. This is a two edged sword, because at times the ability to hold a pure Faith is a blessing, at other times it is simply Blind Faith in disguise.

Faith | Nilanjan Ray

About Nilanjan Ray

Nilanjan Ray (b. 1959) has a handful of exposed stock on “HUMAN INTEREST” and keeps stock of other people’s money in a Bank since it is his profession. Has received wide appreciation Internationally as well as Nationally.  Has received Merit Prize from National Geographic, USA & National Award from Photo Division, Govt. of India.

Faith | Nilanjan Ray

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Faith | Nilanjan Ray

I don’t prescribe to the ‘I can have it all philosophy’, because something usually su ers for something else. But, I think we must steal some time—and I will call it spare if I want—to keep from poking some irritating ass in the eye with a sharp stick.

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