En route by Edward Yanowitz

Nassau, Bahamas, 1974

EDWARD YANOWITZ was born May 25,1946 in Miami, Fl., raised in Nassau, Bahamas and Miami Beach, Fl. In 1972, he received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography, from The San Francisco Art Institute, where he studied with Tony Ray-Jones, John Collier Jr., and Pirkle Jones. In 1974, four photographs were selected by John Szarkowski, for the collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

In 1979, six photographs were chosen for a series of Christmas definitive postage stamps for the Bahamas, with an official first day cover. In 1992, He was retained as expert witness, documentary photographer, and coordinator of photography for the defense, in the William Kennedy Smith vs. the State of Florida trial. His photographs have been in numerous exhibitions and are held in corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally.

Edward Yanowitz New York. N.Y. 1979
New York. N.Y. 1979

En Route

We are all en route ……

From the beginning to the end ……

The photographs are about the journey. They are about people like myself, who are in between places….in-transit…..en-route.  In this environment, there is a special kind of introspective communication, where each person is an individual universe navigating amongst a galaxy of others.

As I pass through life, I use the camera to remember the moments I’ve seen that had some special significance to me. Sometimes the serendipity of life presents you with something special for your eyes to see. The photographs verify to me that ….yes, I was there…. yes, I did see that…. I am fascinated by the still image, and the unique relationship it has to the continuous flow of life and time. The remarkable way it transforms the reality of a moment into a virtual memory that can be held in your hands and shared with others. The details of a moment are lost in time, until the tangible information of a photograph can remain as its only evidence.

I look at the simultaneous realities that coexist within my line of sight, the intersection of light and time, people and the world around them. Life itself is the canvas…. I am just a framer of its singular moments. [Official Website]

Edward Yanowitz New York. N.Y. MoMA 1974
New York. N.Y. MoMA 1974

South Beach Pier Light Lady Lawyers opposite direction tree shadow lady Simultaneous

Edward Yanowitz Muir Beach, Mendocino, Ca. 1971
Muir Beach, Mendocino, Ca. 1971

Edward Yanowitz Seal Rock Edward Yanowitz Tropic Bird Edward Yanowitz men & ladders Edward Yanowitz Scanman Edward Yanowitz Man & Lion Edward Yanowitz mounted policeman curb your dog Demolition Lady Lightscraper 21 Club Transparent Traveler apparition Edward Yanowitz skyrider Edward Yanowitz Bahama Passage Edward Yanowitz Sunbather

Edward Yanowitz Nassau, Bahamas, 1974
Nassau, Bahamas, 1974


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