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In The Lilac Wood Sarah Allegra

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Sarah Allegra is a fine art photographer and self-portrait artist. She specializes in uncommon, conceptual imagery. Each image is a piece of visual poetry, and an entire world unto itself.

While other photographers employ entire teams of people to bring an image to life, it is important to Sarah to be involved in every part of the photographic process.  As such, all of her elaborate props and many of the costumes she uses are hand-made on a very small budget.

Sarah see the world in a mythic, symbolic way. Things are rarely what, or all, they appear to be.  There are hidden meanings in every shadow.  Her images display this mindset with heavy use of metaphor and symbolism.

About Dreamworld

DreamWorld is an ongoing photography project which explores the people and creatures who inhabit the land we visit during sleep.  This photojournalism of fantasy results in striking, soulful, beautiful images which arrest the viewer’s attention.

DreamWorld began one long, sleepless night while I tossed and turned with the frequent insomnia I struggle with.  As I lay there not sleeping, I had a vision of a magical person in charge of sleep and dreams and as I continued to not sleep, more characters came to me.  It quickly became an all-consuming passion to bring this world to life.

I hand-make all the elaborate costumes and props seen in the DreamWorld series.  I rarely know how I’m going to construct something before I begin it, but I teach myself as I go along.Creativity, faith in myself and resourcefulness are needed, especially as I always work with a shoe-string budget.  The results, however, are anything but cheap.

DreamWorld will continue to grow and expand dramatically.  It has already featured and captured the attention of numerous other artists, actors and authors, some of whom have already modeled for the series. But most importantly, DreamWorld has, and continues to, capture the attention of those who view it, delight, engage and astonish them. That is the series’ real magic.

Aerie Sarah Allegra

Richness In Winter Sarah Allegra Promise Sarah Allegra All Of Winter In A Day Sarah Allegra A Strange New World Sarah Allegra Prayer For The Frail Potion Sarah Allegra Perennial Parasol Sarah Allegra Lost Pride Lady Death His Robe Is A Wind of Invisible Voices Fledgling Faerie Dust Orb Lost Pride Crossing The First Threshold - Sarah Allegra White Hot Bird Where Summer Dares Not Tread Where Earth Meets The Sky Water For The Free The Shepherdess The Oracle The Eye Of The Storm The Court Of The Dryad Queen Sleeping Daught

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